Coming to our Vermont conference? Consider driving an RV

October 14, 2019

By Pat Wray

Two words I rarely use in my daily writing: village and quaint. For some reason villages are rare in the western states. We have towns instead. Some are small. Some are nice. None are quaint.

And yet, if you choose to drive to our 2020 conference at the Jay Peak Resort in Vermont, you will find yourself passing through multiple communities that are obviously villages in fact as well as in name. Villages look different than towns because they are usually nestled and almost always, well, quaint. Sorry. Can’t help it. I’m stuck on the cliché train somewhere between trite and pedestrian.

Back to the matter at hand, which is driving to and through Vermont. You should do it because otherwise you might miss the quintessential, ethereal beauty of the landscape, the rolling, tree-covered hills and the misted granite mountains, not to mention the small, picturesque hamlets.

Vermont offers the ultimate road trip and if you choose to drive, you should consider using a Recreational Vehicle. You can experience the state in a far more personal fashion, you can save some money on lodging and there is a great RV park just four miles from our conference site.

It’s the Base Camp RV Park and Campground and it’s a very nice setup, with a pool, covered picnic area and barbecue facility. Nightly rates for a full-service hookup are $42.40. You can make reservations through the Jay Country Store at (802) 988-4040.

The store itself is worth a story, containing food, clothing, outdoor gear, gifts and a critically important selection of high-end beers, wines and liquors. On top of everything else, the store is one of the quaintest places you’ll find in all of Vermont.

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