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Apply or renew your membership to OWAA to enjoy all the benefits we offer for individual members and supporting groups. It’s never too late—apply for a new membership, renew your current membership, or reapply for membership today!

A fly fishing guide talks to clients about their approach
A fly fishing guide talks with OWAA members about their approach. Photo by Paul Queneau


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Benefits of Joining OWAA

There are several benefits to joining OWAA for both individuals and supporting groups. To review the benefits of joining OWAA, visit:

Membership Eligibility

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Still have questions? Check out our Joining FAQ page – or contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions or talk with you about the process.


Need to renew your membership so you can maintain access to the many membership benefits? Visit our Apply or Renew page and click on the Renew/Change button to get started. 


Renewal Form

Download one of the files below to fill out your renewal form. Directions are enclosed. If you have any questions, please contact

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Member Renewal Form


Haven’t been able to renew your membership for the past few years? We get it. Life gets pretty busy—but we’d love to have you back!

OWAA allows Individual Members and Supporting Groups who did not renew their membership within the past five years to easily reinstate their membership status, instead of reapplying as a new member or supporter. We don’t charge a reinstatement fee, and if you reinstate your membership mid-year, dues will be prorated for the second year.

Stop missing out on the OWAA membership benefits and community—reinstate your membership now!


Individual Members and Supporting Groups who have not been members for more than five years will need to reapply by filling out a new application. Don’t worry, it’s easy! And we’re certainly excited to have you back!

Hikers head up to Jay Peak, Vermont.
Hikers head up to Jay Peak, Vermont. Photo by Paul Queneau
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