OWAA is governed by the organization’s officers and board of directors. Members of the board are elected annually by the active membership, while officers are elected annually by the board. Dozens of volunteer committees, staffed by OWAA members, also provide a foundation for OWAA’s prosperity and growth. The executive director and headquarters staff handle the day-to-day operations of the association, including the production of the magazine and other publications.


Katie McKalip, President 
Ken Keffer, First Vice President 
Amy Kapp, Second Vice President
Danielle Taylor, Secretary (through 2025)
Colleen Miniuk, Treasurer (through 2023)


William Jay Powell, Legal Counsel
William W. Forgey, M.D., Medical Counsel
TBD, Supporting Group Liaison


Chez Chesak, Executive Director
Suzanne Downing, Communications Manager & Outdoors Unlimited Editor
Emma Mares, Membership Services Coordinator

Board of Directors

Terms expiring in 2023
Bill Brassard
Steve Griffin
Matt Miller

Terms expiring in 2024
Matthew Dickerson
Amy Grisak
Kelsey Roseth

Terms expiring in 2025
Robert Annis
Ashley Peters
Drew Youngedyke

Endowment Trustees

Endowment funds are accepted, managed and disbursed by the Endowment Trust. OWAA has five Trustees: the OWAA Treasurer and four people selected by the OWAA Board.

Colleen Miniuk (Chair)
Phil Bloom (2023)
Terry Brady (2024)
Dennis Scharadin (2025)
Lisa Ballard (2026)


Bylaws-Mandated Committees

Awards Committee
Chaired by the immediate past President, it supervises the selection of the recipients of the J. Hammond Brown Memorial Award, the Circle of Chiefs Award, the Excellence in Craft Award, the John Madson Fellowship (in conjunction with Chris Madson) and any other such awards that may be established. The Awards Committee is divided into subcommittees for each award consisting of all living past recipients of that award (with the exception of the Madson Fellowship).

Pat Wray (chair), the latest Ham Brown recipient, the latest Jade recipient, the latest Excellence in Craft recipient, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Board Nominating Committee
Comprised of five members plus a chair, none of whom have served on the committee within the prior five years. Responsible for making nominations of at least six candidates for Director at the next election of Directors in accordance with the bylaws and any Board-approved procedures. (Members: see also the Board Nominating Procedure in the Directory section of the Members area of the OWAA website.)

Matt Miller (chair), Bill Brassard, Steve Griffin, three other members TBD, current President (ex officio), current legal counsel (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Conference Committee
Chaired by the First Vice President, it is responsible for planning the annual conference.

Katie McKalip (chair), Ken Keffer, Ashley Stimpson, Colleen Miniuk, Matt Miller, Mark Taylor, Gary Moore, Carmen Alex, Pat Wray, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Contests Committee
Administers the OWAA Excellence in Craft contests.

David Van Wie & Phil Bloom (co-chairs), Lisa Ballard, Mark Taylor, Brian Geiger, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Education Committee
Administers the Bodie McDowell Scholarship, Norm Strung Youth Writing Contest and Student Photography Contest.

Emily Stone (chair), Ann Simpson, Ruth Hoyt, Holly Endersby, Amy Grisak, Matthew Dickerson, Ken Keffer, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Finance Committee
Chaired by the Treasurer and includes four other members, it supervises the finances of OWAA, including developing and approving the annual budget. Develops strategies to ensure the long-term financial health of OWAA and present them to the Board. Recommend fiscal actions according to the financial status of the organization. Administers the Operating Fund and all property owned by OWAA except that within the control of the Endowment Trustees. Over sees fundraising efforts by the Development Sub-Committee.

Colleen Miniuk (chair), Terry Brady, Rich Patterson, Kevin Rhoades, Dennis Scharadin, current President (ex officio), current legal counsel (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Development sub-committee: Rich Patterson (chair), Ashley Stimpson (vice-chair), Kate Morgan, Dan Small, Mike Zlotnicki, Tony Dolle

Membership Committee
Establishes and implements plans to recruit members for all classes and categories of membership. Reviews and suggest revisions to OWAA’s Criteria for Membership and seeks to enhance and expand member benefits.

Colleen Miniuk (chair), Steve Griffin, Matt Miller, Kelsey Roseth, Nick Lowrey, Bill Brassard, Edgar Castillo, Sherry Ott, Sandra Foreman, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio

Ad Hoc Committees

100th Anniversary Committee
Plans and executes all elements of a centennial celebration in 2027. 

Mark Taylor (Chair), Lisa Ballard, Rich Peterson, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio).

Diversity Committee
Creates a measurable outreach plan for promoting OWAA to minority journalism organizations. Also, expands the women’s outdoor communicators session at annual conferences. Serves in an advisory capacity to the Conference Program Committee to reach out to and invite more BIPOC people, LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities to annual conferences to attend, present and hold leadership positions.

Amy Kapp & Kelsey Roseth (co-chairs), Glenn Sapir, Nicole Atkins, Eric Morris,  Tom Carney, Steve Griffin, Ian Marcus, Durrell Lamar Smith, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

History Committee
Gathers content to update OWAA’s history in advance of the organization’s 100th anniversary in 2027.

Pat Wray (chair), current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Supporter Relations Committee
Keeps Supporters informed about OWAA initiatives and programs. Acts as a liaison between Supporters and the Board. Recommends to the board ways in which OWAA can better encourage the involvement of Supporters in OWAA. Helps recruit and retain OWAA Supporters.

Chair TBD, current President (ex officio), current Executive Director (ex officio)

Speakers present at an OWAA conference.
Speakers present at an OWAA conference. Photo by Paul Queneau.

Past Presidents Council
Chaired by the immediate Past President and comprised of all living past-Presidents of OWAA, it acts as an advisory council to the Board.
Pat Wray (chair), all other OWAA Past-Presidentt



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