Your donation to OWAA helps keep this nearly century-old organization vibrant, thriving and working toward its mission.

You can make a one-time contribution or setup a recurring donation – and allocate your gift as you see fit. You can also consider including OWAA in your estate planning too, providing language in your will to gift either a set amount or a percentage of your estate.

Some of our most popular initiatives that people donate to are:

OWAA Operating Fund

The Operating Fund is a non-restricted fund which is used to satisfy OWAA’s cashflow needs for its daily operations. OWAA pays its ongoing expenses such as office needs, payroll, all members benefits and services and conference expenses, out of this fund.

Donate to the Operating Fund

OWAA Restricted Endowment

Each year, OWAA’s Endowment Trustees determine whether the investment goals of the Restricted Endowment Fund (REF) have been met and, if so, distribute up to 5% to OWAA for operations. Donations to the REF help provide longterm financial stability for the organization. The fund includes the Sylvia and Jim Bashline Writers Fund and the Bob Smith Fund, named to honor these major figures in OWAA history.   OWAA’s ultimate goal is to grow this fund to at least $5 million, allowing it to cover up to 25% of OWAA’s operating expenses – per year – in perpetuity.

Donate to the Restricted Endowment Fund

OWAA Bodie McDowell Scholarship Fund

The Bodie McDowell Scholarship Fund is managed by OWAA’s Endowment Trustees, who distribute up to 5% of the fund’s income to students enrolled in a college or university who are pursuing a course of study related to the field of outdoor media. Recipients are selected by the OWAA Education Committee. Recently, $15,000 to $22,000 per year has been distributed to budding outdoors communicators through this fund.

Donate to the Bodie McDowell Scholarship Fund

OWAA John Madson Fellowship Fund

The John Madson Fellowship Fund is managed by OWAA’s Endowment Trustees, who distribute up to 5% of the fund’s income to outdoor communicators to attend workshops, courses, the OWAA annual conference and other craft improvement opportunities. OWAA Circle of Chiefs selects the recipients of this award. In recent years, $2,400 to $3,000 per year has been distributed to outdoor communicators to further their careers.

Donate to the John Madson Fellowship Fund

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