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"I was delighted and inspired and met so much terrific talent. Keep up the amazing work."
Richard Bangs
Co-Founder of & MT Sobek
"It was an amazing conference and I met so many great people! Workshops were awesome! Panels were informative!"
Jeremy Puglisi
Podcast Host, Photographer, Author, Public Speaker
"I thoroughly got a lot out of the conference. Meeting new people, networking, improving my craft, and more importantly making new friends."
Edgar Castillo
"My first OWAA conference was awesome! I met so many great people, learned a bunch from the speakers and workshops, and even came home with a couple EIC awards! It was a great experience and can't wait until the next one!"
Christopher Paparo
Southampton Marine Science Center Manager at Stoneybrook University
The conference was outstanding. We enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones. Workshops and sessions were top notch, and Jay Peak was amazing. We were especially pleased to see so many new members, many of them young, and all filled with enthusiasm.
Rich Peterson
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