In June of 2020, OWAA presented its first-ever virtual conference – and virtual membership meeting!​

Thank you to our sponsors!

Olympus, NSSF, Guyana, SigSauer

OWAA Virtual Conference

Thank you for joining us! 

Thank you to all who participated in our first Virtual Conference! While we all would have preferred to meet in person, the virtual platform allowed us to connect, share, socialize and learn.

An added benefit of holding a virtual conference is that ALL sessions were recorded and will continue to be available to registrants (for free!) for the coming year. If an attendee missed a session, they can go to the agenda in Socio, find and click on the session, scroll to the bottom of that session’s page and access the link to the recording!

If you did not register for the conference, you can access the session recordings for a fee via our Vimeo On-Demand page.

If you’d like to know who the various honorary award recipients are, click here for a PDF version of the Awards Powerpoint Presentation.

As always, registrants can reach out if you have questions about how to access the conference content via leslie -at- delaneymeetingevent -dot- com.


What digital platform was the conference on?

Socio, an App that contained almost all aspects of the conference, including:

  • Schedules with details about sessions and speakers
  • Opportunities to connect attendees
  • Sponsor info and links to learn more about their latest offerings
  • Announcements to keep everyone up to date
  • Social feed where attendees could post comments, links, photos…

What was possible in the Socio Web App?

  • Viewing the agenda
  • Filtering the agenda by track
  • Using the Live Stream link to view the live sessions
  • Returning later to click on the Recording link if a live session was missed
  • Learning more about other attendees, sponsors, and speakers by clicking on them

What could we do in the Socio Mobile App?

  • Build and update a profile
  • Post comments and pictures to the conference wall
  • Connect with other attendees, speakers, and sponsors – and chat
  • Rate and review sessions

Were attendees on video throughout the conference?

  • No, as attendees were largely watching webinar-style presentations (but could also choose to participate by using their webcam)

How did we manage a virtual auction?

  • We used a platform called Auction Frogs to present all the items that were available
  • The auction opened Friday, June 26th at 2pm ET and closed on Saturday, June 27th at 10pm ET
  • The platform’s ‘Bid Wars’ were in effect (which means that if an item receives bids within the last 10 minutes of the auction ending, its closing time will extend 10 minutes and will continue to extend until no new bids have been placed within the extended time allowed.
  • We also enabled the platform’s Auto Bidding feature, which allowed you to enter a maximum bid (bids would be automatically increased to the next high bid increment without exceeding a maximum bid amount)
  • All OWAA members were welcome to participate in the auction.

How did we manage a photo scavenger hunt?

  • Registrants had access to the five subjects and link to upload pictures on June 16
  • Deadline for submission was June 21, 11:59 PM EDT

Were the sessions recorded?

  • Yes
  • The Socio App remained in place for one year with links to recorded sessions available throughout that time

Do we really expect people to sit in one place, at a desk, that long?

No, we didn’t! As they absorbed these great sessions, we encouraged them to:

  • Move around to different locations with a laptop or tablet
  • Really make use of any stand-up desk options
  • Get creative and follow along as they used an exercise bike or rowing machine
  • Plus, we had lots of breaks too!

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Olympus, NSSF, Guyana, SigSauer
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