Agenda for winter 2011 Board meeting

Meeting Room: DU Headquarters, Memphis, Tenn.
Jan. 10, 2011, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
President Tony Dolle, presiding
Call to Order (Dolle)
Roll Call (Katie McKalip)

  • Receive motion to excuse any absentees (motion by McKalip)
  • Approval of actions by Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors since June board meetings (motion by McKalip)
  • Approval of June meeting minutes (motion by McKalip)

Officer Reports

  • President’s Report (Other officers will report with committees)
  • Executive Director’s Report

Standing Committee Reports

  • Awards
  • Board Nominating
  • Conference Program
  • Contests
  • Craft Improvement
  • Development
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Finance
    • Endowment Trust Report
  • National Affairs & Environment
    • Norm Strung Youth Writing
    • Officer Nominating
    • Past Presidents
    • Sections
    • Strategic Planning
    • Technology

    Ad Hoc Committee Reports

    • EIC Revision
    • Goldenrod Writing Workshop
    • Marketing Committee
    • Member Recruitment
    • Member Reinstatement
    • Mentor Committee

    Old Business

    • EIC Contest Rules
    • Internet/Blogger Category for Membership
    • Supporting Group Classification
    • Youth Writing Workshop
    • Vice Presidents’ Duty Reassignments (Third VP – Supporting Group Liaison; First VP – Conference Program Chair; First VP – Membership & Sections Chair)
    • Membership Reinstatement, Recruitment and Retention
      • Membership Drive
      • Exit Survey Feedback
      • Current Dues Renewal Numbers
    • Goldenrod Writing Workshop
    • Condo Sale Update

    New Business

    • Change the requirement of Committee Chairs and Members to be approved by Board vote
    • Re-authorize the payment of interest only on the Restricted Endowment/Building Loan
    • Development of College Chapters of OWAA for students
    • Website Improvement
    • 2013 Conference Site Selection Report

    Good of the Order

    2 thoughts on “Agenda for winter 2011 Board meeting”

    1. This association has never fully recognized the outdoor contributions of artists. Painters, illustrators, cartoonists have usually been lumped into categories with photographers. Some have tried to hang on … but why?
      Ding Darling would have quit. But who, today, remembers Ding Darling.
      Cliff Shelby

      1. Ashley Schroeder

        Thanks for your input, Cliff. I’m not sure if you’ve taken a look at the new EIC rules (there’s still time to enter!), but there is a new Fine Arts contest that, aside from photography, allows submissions of “painting and other visual forms meant for display in galleries and other similar venues. Entries might [e.g. cartoons, illustrations] or might not have been published. This contest is limited only by the member’s creativity.” For more details about the 2011 EIC contests, visit The final deadline for submissions is Feb. 1, 2011. Please contact OWAA HQs ( if you have other ideas of how we can increase recognition of the outdoor contributions of artists.

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