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John Bigbie is an active duty U.S. Air Force officer stationed at Aviano Air Base in Italy. Bigbie grew up in Sumter, South Carolina, and has strong family ties to Clay County, Georgia. As an up-and-coming freelance writer, he maintains an extensive network of highly regarded outdoor artists, custom knife and rifle makers, bird dog breeders and upland game experts who enable him to construct distinctive articles and feature stories. His latest piece, “Old Thump,” appears in the summer 2014 issue of the Upland Almanac. Bigbie is currently conducting research for an article about the late knifemaker George Herron.
Writer and photographer Ben Duchesney is the web editor of Kayak Angler magazine and has been published in a variety of magazines, such as Field & Stream, The Flyfish Journal and Bassin’ Magazine, as well as on numerous websites and in newspapers. He’s been writing since before he was old enough to spell and picked up a camera in college. Duchesney was born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and earned his bachelor’s degree in communication and print journalism at Suffolk University in Boston. If he’s not on the water fly-fishing or paddling, he’s most likely running around the country on assignment or taking photographs of motorcycles — even while riding on his own. Constantly reading novels, (many by Jim Harrison, or Fyodor Dostoyevsky), Duchesney plans to soon write his own; along with multiple non-fiction books on fishing, motorcycles and photography already in the works.
Jason Duncan is a regular contributor to the International Federation of Fly Fishers’ Flyfisher magazine, as well as the illustrator for his articles. He also writes the satirical fishing blog Fly Fishing, Et Cetera (www.flyfishingetcetera.blogspot.com). He lives with his wife, daughter and Welsh terrier in New York City.
Lou Dzierzak has been a full-time freelance writer since 1997. Much of his writing focuses on the business side of outdoor recreation. Editorial experience includes serving as manager editor of Outdoor Business, Hunting Business, Outdoor Insight and Running Insight. He’s an ongoing contributor to Gun Trade World and Tackle Trade World. He’s published hundreds of articles on marketing trends, product design innovations, environmental sustainability initiatives and retail operations. He’s also written for Silent Sports, Paddler, Canoe & Kayak magazine, Running Times magazine, Trail Runner magazine, Backpacker Magazine and Scientific American. An avid winter sports enthusiast, he has been the managing editor of Cross Country Skier magazine since 2000. Author of several books including a two-volume Boundary Waters Canoe Area guidebook. As managing editor, he is working with Rootsrated.com, an online resource providing detailed outdoor destination profiles.
Ruth Hoyt discovered her passion for photography in 1989 and evolved into a full-time nature photographer and writer. She teaches classes and private instruction, leads workshops and tours, performs ranch photography consultation work and more. Hoyt is a charter member of the North American Nature Photography Association, a certified interpretive guide and certified Texas master naturalist. Her work has been exhibited in locations such as the Smithsonian Institution and Missouri Botanical Garden and hangs on permanent display in various states. Credits include National Geographic books, The Nature Conservancy, Birder’s World, Texas Wildlife Association, AAA’s Home & Away, Valley Land Fund and more. Hoyt has won major awards in significant photo competitions including the international contest Natures Best, Valley Land Fund and first grand prize with partner and teammate John Pickles in the Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest.
Dave Veldman is an avid outdoorsmen from southeast Michigan, who spends many of his weekends in the northern parts of the state hunting, fishing, camping, running his dog and shooting his Canon. He has been a student of photography for almost 20 years and now primarily focuses on hunting dogs and upland hunting photography. Veldman has been shooting professionally for the past two years under the name Sport Dog Photography. His work has been
featured in Ruffed Grouse magazine where he writes articles, provides images and works closely with the organization in its conservation efforts. He has also worked with other conservation organizations around Michigan, providing images and video of their efforts. Veldman runs and maintains an outdoor blog that focuses on Michigan camping and recreational opportunities. An avid camper, hiker, paddler and trail runner, he has enjoyed introducing the beauty of Midwestern forests to his four children.
Marianna Treviño Wright grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, where her childhood days involved catching Texas horned toads, fostering skunks and chasing snakes off the patio with her grandfather. Flocks of green parrots and families of armadillos inhabited the 12 acres on the outskirts of town, where her parents kept a few horses and cattle, along with her mother’s pet donkey, Frankie, and the pig her father received for Father’s Day. At the ranch she’d see Texas tortoise, diamondback rattlesnakes and Bobwhite quail, along with coyotes, deer and javelina, which her brothers dressed in the yard. This wild and magical upbringing, full of close encounters and where her natural curiosity was rarely the subject of parental supervision, fueled her love for the outdoors and appreciation for every manner of wildlife. Today, she writes primarily of lessons from the natural world and strives to use her voice for conservation, education and preservation.

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