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Tenkara USA brings simplicity, tradition to fly-fishing

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Daniel Galhardo learned a secret the first time he visited Japan: You don’t need a reel to fly-fish. Galhardo had discovered tenkara, a traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing that was not only simpler, but more effective for fishing mountain streams.
After studying the method and equipment, Galhardo designed the rods, lines and flies needed and opened Tenkara USA.
“I created Tenkara USA out of a desire to tell the world about this wonderful and, until then, relatively unknown method of fly-fishing, and out of a desire to tell people ‘fly-fishing is very simple,’” Galhardo said.
Simplicity is liberating. It allows travel without worrying about gear and space, and it makes learning to fly-fish intuitive.
The essence of tenkara is the reliance on little equipment. Tenkara with its pared-down rod emphasizes technique, not mastering gadgets and gear.
Tenkara doesn’t just make fishing simpler, it makes it simpler to fish — wherever you go. It shines in mountain streams where the long rod and light line provide the best possible fly presentation. But it’s also effective in alpine lakes, or urban ponds. The compact and light-weight set-up makes it easy to add fishing to a backpacking, climbing, or canoeing trip.
The company most recently developed the RHODO and SATO tenkara rods featuring two patent-pending features. The “triple zoom allows the rods to be fished at three different lengths and the “keep your plug system,” cleverly stores the
rod plug in the base of the handle so one doesn’t lose it.
Since its inception, Tenkara USA has worked to stay true to the simplicity and traditions of tenkara, while continuing to innovate and respond to market demands. Its connection with tenkara traditions and Galhardo’s relationships with the masters inform product design. The company supplies customers with equipment, but also the knowledge to learn and perfect the art of fly-fishing.
Visit Tenkara USA’s new website, or contact for media inquiries.

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