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While growing up, Pete Anderson’s father took him and his brother to lakes and rivers across upstate New York. As a fourth-grader, he wrote about those angling adventures, which his teacher compiled into a book. And at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, he studied environmental science and journalism. Today he lives in Gastonia, North Carolina., where he spent the last of nearly 20 years editing newspapers and a magazine. His first freelance article was published in 2003. Eleven years later he began a full-time pursuit of freelance editing and writing assignments, covering fishing, boating, travel, auto racing and business. His recent work has appeared in print. When he isn’t working or helping his wife Angela renovate their home, he is competing in bass tournaments on nearby lakes or chasing muskies in small mountain rivers or at his favorite fishing hole, the St. Lawrence River’s Thousand Islands region.
Eric Arnold is a freelance writer, photographer and publishing editor for Wildlife Control Technology magazine. While Arnold focuses on fur trapping and the wildlife control industry, he has also written multiple articles related to photography, computers, general business, hunting and air rifles. One of his favorite works covers a five year struggle helping his father take his second white-tailed deer, a 140-plus class 234 pound Ohio bruiser in 2014. Arnold’s philosophy is that knowledge is worthless without the ability to communicate and he stresses this point in his writing and training events. He is an Ohio Hunting and Trapping Instructor and considered one of the top wildlife control industry trainers. Arnold has also produced “The Beginner’s Beginning Guide to Fur Trapping” and “A Guide to Buying and Using Cage Traps” educational DVDs along with several DVDs specific to the wildlife control industry.
Scott A. Davis, Sr. is the host of Urban Hunting TV out of Nashville, Tennessee. He has is an avid hunter and continues to pursue all of his favorite game, large and small. He grew up in Louisiana, a sportsman’s paradise, and re-located to Tennessee more 20 years ago. He has learned to pursue game in the suburbs and residential land blocks of the city and pioneered the art of urban hunting. His TV show and articles chronicle the methods, tactics, and means by which to “live life on the outside.” He does not have a chosen method of pursuit, and he is adept with harvesting whitetails with a bow, muzzleloader, or rifle. He is also just as likely to pull out the air rifle and small game hunt in the neighborhood. He is proof that the outdoor way of life can be enjoyed regardless of your surroundings.
Peter Demma is an outdoor writing student from Toronto, Canada. He is an avid angler and an all-around outdoor enthusiast. His main interests are in learning and writing about threatened and endangered species and how they are declining or rebounding. He is also an avid wildlife photographer. Demma, although in his infancy when it comes to outdoor writing and photography, hopes to hone his skills and become a successful contributor to various publications and causes around North America.
Bobby Harrison is an award winning nature photographer, speaker, writer and educator based in Huntsville, Alabama. He holds a bachelor’s in photography and a master’s in media technology. He is currently the director of the photojournalism program at Oakwood University where he is an associate professor. Harrison is a former contributing editor to Living Bird Magazine and a contributing writer and photographer for Creation Illustrated. His work has appeared in numerous other publications. Harrison has won numerous national and international photography awards throughout his 30 year career. In 2005 he was elected a fellow of the Explorers Club in New York City. In 2006 one of his photographs was selected by Nature’s Best Photography Magazine as one of the top 100 nature images of the decade. He is a charter member of the North American Nature Photography Association, and served on its board of directors from January 2001 to February 2004.
Sam Hudson is a senior editor at Sport Fishing magazine, a leading saltwater fishing publication. In 2007, he graduated from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. During that time period, the Florida Gators won two basketball and one football national championships in back-to-back-to-back fashion. In the last eight years, he has held different editorial staff positions at Florida Sportsman, Shallow Water Angler, Salt Water Sportsman, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and Sport Fishing. Hudson loves to experience, photograph and write about the endless saltwater fishing opportunities available in the U.S., Caribbean and beyond. In May 2017, he will graduate from the University of Central Florida with a master’s degree in business administration. When not at the office, in class or on assignment, you can find him kayak fishing for speckled trout and redfish in the shallow waters of central Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon.
Roger W. Janssen is a lifelong resident of Flandreau, South Dakota. He was raised in the pheasant fields of the prairie. Along with pursuing pheasants, he hunted for rabbits and squirrels. At his father’s side he quickly understood that respect was the key to any successful outing. Whether fishing, hunting, camping or simply being outdoors, respect for the landscape and game comes naturally for him. Writing about his experiences and collecting and publishing stories of others with a similar understanding of the outdoors is what he likes to do best. Janssen has nearly 40 years of print experience whether it is in the newspaper he works for or in The Outdoorsmen Magazine, an outdoor publication he has produced for the past 11 years. Janssen has been married to his wife Linnea for 40 years and raised two boys, Zach and Jeremiah, instilling the same love and respect for the outdoors his father taught him.
Chip Laughton is a full-time sporting lifestyle photographer, specializing in hunting, fishing and sporting dogs. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Kelly, black lab Zach and English cocker spaniel Bodie. His images are regularly featured in Covey Rise, Shooting Sportsman, Sporting Classics, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society, Trout, Retriever Journal, Pointing Dog Journal, Just Labs, Gun Dog, Wildlife in North Carolina, Click, the Orvis Company catalogs, and in calendars and to illustrate books. Laughton is also a columnist for Just Labs magazine. His travels take him from Florida to Alaska; from the Gulf coast salt marshes to the prairies of the Dakotas; and from the islands to the mountains. Laughton is available for assignments, corporate shoots, website imagery, product shots and private commissions. He also has a large stock library of images available to meet your editorial and commercial needs.
Ben Long is a lapsed member of Outdoor Writers Association of America who came to his senses and re-upped after a brief absence. Long is a graduate of the University of Idaho journalism school and has written for newspapers, magazines and books, particularly on outdoors, wildlife and natural resource issues for more than 25 years. He is now senior program director for Resource Media a non-profit public relations firm serving clients in the conservation and public health fields worldwide. He is a contributor to Montana Outdoors, Bugle and Outdoor Life magazines, among others. He has won regional awards for his work in human rights, literature and conservation. He lives in Kalispell, Montana, with his wife Karen Nichols and their son Aidan. He is on the board of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Follow him at Twitter @BenLong1967.
In 1996, Robert Milner sold Wildrose Kennels, a retriever training kennel he owned and operated since 1972. That year he also retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve after 26 years of service as a disaster response officer. Those two paths crossed again in 2002 when Milner got a call from the Memphis Fire Department requesting his assistance with its disaster search dog program. He went to work rebuilding the program. Slow progress led him to reexamine the traditional dog training model. He adopted B.F. Skinner’s positive training model which sped up the training program by 300 percent. He currently writes the gun dog column for American Waterfowler and just published his fourth dog training book, “Absolutely Positively Gundog Training.” He owns and operates Duckhill Kennels in Somerville, Tennessee, breeding and training Labrador Retrievers for gun dogs and disaster search and explosive detection. His website is www.duckhillkennels.com
Chris O’Brien is an information officer for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources where he writes and edits a variety of communications related to conservation and outdoor recreation. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he grew up tromping through fields, woods and marshes – and chasing muskies on northern Wisconsin lakes with religious fervor. Since graduating from Winona State University in 2000, he has also worked as a touring songwriter and guitar player, a staff editor for North American Fisherman magazine and a fly-fishing guide. He lives on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Kim, their young son Henry and a shepherd/lab/cougar mix named Lucille.
Kathleen Snow is a three-time novelist whose first nonfiction book will be published in 2016 by Lyons Press, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield. “Taken by Bear in Yellowstone National Park: The History of Bear Attacks Told by Those Involved,” includes many archival photographs and on-the-scene drawings. It covers the history of bear-human interactions from 1870 to 2015. It is sympathetic to Yellowstone’s bears as well as to human victims. Snow’s journalism has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, Women in Natural Resources, Where New York, the American Journal of Nursing and the Missoulian, among others. Her new mystery novel, also set in Yellowstone National Park, will be published in late 2015 by the University of Montana Press. Snow grew up in southern Indiana, where she read the book “Indiana Outdoors: A Guide to Wild Crops, Fishing and Hunting” by Bill Scifres. ♦

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