Volunteer to give back to OWAA

I once saw a sign hanging on the fence by a youth sports ball field. The sign’s message stated: “Before you complain … have you volunteered yet?”
There are a lot of reasons OWAA remains a strong organization.
Volunteers head the list.
While we value our headquarters staff, OWAA likely wouldn’t survive without the commitment of members to serve as officers, directors, or on one of the many committees working to make it a better organization.
Our bylaws outline most of the committees that carry over from year to year — awards, board nominating, conference program, contests (EIC), craft improvement, development, education, ethics, finance, marketing, member recruitment, member services, national affairs and environment, sections, strategic planning and more.
The makeup of some committees is also established in the bylaws. For instance, the officer nominating committee is comprised of second-year board members, and you have to be a former OWAA president to be on the past presidents council.
But there’s plenty of other work to be done. Important work. And you can help. Each year, the OWAA president-elect is tasked with populating the various committees and assigning them tasks. The committees are finalized and approved by the board of directors at the summer meeting.
So, this is a callout to OWAA members to volunteer for committee work that will begin in Duluth, Minnesota, in 2017 and end in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2018.
Volunteer work is rewarding. It not only helps keep the OWAA ball rolling, but also gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with other OWAA members and expand your network.
It also helps build a résumé of service should you someday decide to run for the Board of Directors or for one of the OWAA officer positions.
To get an idea of what’s involved, visit the Members Area of OWAA’s website and find the link to our bylaws. They’re listed under Article IX.
If you see something that interests you, send me an email at philbloom.owaa@frontier.com.
Please, no axe grinding allowed.
As Dr. Albert Schweitzer once said about volunteering: “Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it. Remember, you don’t live in a world all of your own.”  ♦
— Phil Bloom, a member since 1991, is OWAA’s vice-president. He’ll take the helm as president this summer.

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