Update in store for Outdoors Unlimited

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If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.
Or maybe you’re more familiar with the “If it weren’t for deadlines … ” variation.
Either way, we’re never short on things to do here at headquarters. Lots of projects and deadlines. And despite having a never-ending to-do list, for better or worse it’s also easy to fall into a routine.
But, starting with this issue of Outdoors Unlimited, my schedule is going to get shaken up and I think it’s worth telling you about it.
Outdoors Unlimited has undergone several changes the past few years. This latest change — which we hope will be a more permanent solution — embodies feedback from all of those incarnations.
Outdoors Unlimited will now be published six times per year as a full-color magazine that will be delivered directly to your mailbox.
A PDF version of those issues will still be provided for those folks who prefer reading OU that way. We’ll also keep posting frequent updates to OU Online, including Outdoor Alerts and other timely content.
Why this change again?
I was fortunate to be able to take part in the recent strategic planning meeting. (After all, my vehicle fits six people and they needed help shuttling folks around during that blustry weekend.)
The committee put together a detailed plan that includes a several big technology-based projects. Technology is a constant, albeit changing, aspect of all our lives. To ensure the future of OWAA, it’s important to keep OWAA and its members and supporters up-to-date with the latest tech trends.
I’m very excited about these new benefits we’ll be able to offer in the near future.
On that note, aside from putting together OU, I’m in charge of maintaining OWAA’s website and social media presence. Also, some of the new technology-related tasks outlined by the committee will fall on my shoulders. This requires a need to balance my time to best benefit members.
This past year, I’ve been tracking analytics for our website, which we overhauled last spring. I can tell how many people read the online-only issues of OU and see what Outdoor Market listings are viewed.
I want to spend more time seeking out money-making opportunities for the Market. I will also be gearing up to start working on some of those new projects. (How cool would it
be to easily access our membership Directory from your smartphone?)
With the new tasks and the need to provide timely information — not just once a month or on a quarterly basis — changes have been made to what I’ll be doing here at headquarters.
Needless to say, I’m looking forward for what the next couple years have in store for me, you and OWAA ♦
— OWAA Publications and Communications Director Ashley Schroeder, aschroeder@owaa.org.

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