Investing in OWAA’s future

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In case you haven’t yet heard, OWAA turns 85 next month. I hope you will consider adding to the investment of OWAA, to ensure the organization’s success in the next 85 years.
Your monetary gift will do more than just help OWAA’s bottom line. Your support bolsters fellowships and programs for members, helps mentor the next generation of outdoor communicators, and more. Your support helps OWAA help you.
Leave it to Lisa Densmore to come up with a great idea: “$85 for 85 years.” And the kick-off date is the 85th day of 2012: March 25.
I worked with Benedictine College in Kansas on a similar campaign and the priests never announced the campaign until they had 25 percent committed. I’m afraid we don’t have that luxury and need to get moving a little faster. That’s why we need to have March 25 as a kick-off day.
Every member would give $85, one dollar for each year of OWAA’s 85th anniversary.
There will be four giving categories because we recognize that not all members can afford $85.
These categories are:

  • Scribe: $8.50 (to $84.99)
  • Columnist: $85.00 (to $849.99)
  • Author: $850.00 (to $8,499.99)
  • Pulitzer: $8,500 +

We’re working out the details, but we want to show our appreciation to those who invest in OWAA. Donors can expect gifts like camouflage OWAA logo gear and exclusive opportunities at upcoming conferences. All donations at the Pulitzer level include a life membership to OWAA. Donors will be listed in Outdoors Unlimited and at on a special Web page that will track the campaign’s progress.
Please contribute what you can, whether it’s $85 or $850. Every little bit can make a difference. If you can add to the investment, we are grateful. And remember, your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
It doesn’t take much to build a fund that can go a long way to making the difference for OWAA. Please join others and me in making OWAA a strong association.  ♦
— OWAA President Mike Walker,

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