RMEF seeking feedback from your autumn hunting

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is asking for all hunters to think about the areas where they’ve hunted, how the land has changed through the years and how they think the land will continue to change. RMEF is asking hunters to consider five main signs:

  • Habitat Fragmentation – Subdivisions and ranches that are eliminating or cutting off key habitat and migration corridors.
  • Weeds Amok – Knapweed, yellow starthistle, leafy spurge, cheatgrass and other invasive weeds.
  • Sick Forests – Overgrown and undermanaged forests.
  • Vanishing Meadows and Aspen Stands – Pinyon, juniper, fir and other evergreens overtaking meadows and aspen stands.
  • Lack of Water – Watering holes that are drying up.

RMEF can be contacted through www.rmef.org or by calling 800-CALL-ELK.

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