RMEF reaches 6 millionth acre of protected or enhanced habitat

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has recorded its 6 millionth acre of habitat protected or enhanced for elk and other wildlife. To better visualize six million acres, it’s 9,375 square miles, which is larger than six Glacier National Parks. Lined up end to end, 6 million square acres would wrap around Earth’s equator 9 ½ times. The 6 million-acre total includes 1 million acres of permanent land protection projects. Examples include RMEF land acquisitions transferred to state or federal management agencies to secure habitat and public access in perpetuity. Also included is 5 million acres of habitat stewardship projects. The mission of RMEF is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat. For more information about RMEF, visit www.rmef.org or call 800-CALL-ELK.

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