RMEF, HuntingGPSmaps announce collaboration

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation announces a partnership with HuntingGPSmaps, a company that helps hunters spend less time trying to decipher where they are on a map and more time hunting. It also benefits RMEF chapters around the country.

HuntingGPSmaps creates color-coded GPS maps of property ownership displaying federal, state, county and private lands as well as other features specifically designed to meet the needs of the outdoor community. Founded in 2006, it gathered and organized data from more than 15 different sources to create a single, statewide map with layering and zooming capabilities. To date, it provides maps for 23 states.

HuntingGPSmaps will also make its products available to RMEF chapters for fundraising banquets around the country.

For information about HuntingGPSmaps products, including GPS compatibility information, visit https://www.onxmaps.com/hunt/app. To see a demo of the product and here more on the collaboration with RMEF, visit https://vimeo.com/39863221.

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