UVPaqlite introduces new additions to its line of lighting products

UVPaqlite, a family business from Colorado, recently announced three new additions to its unique line of lighting products. The UVMatlite, UVNitelite, and UVO Necklace are all new this year, and like other UVPaqlite products, do not require batteries, bulbs, electricity, fuels, or mechanical parts. They glow all night long, can be used indefinitely and are environmentally friendly. Designed as supplementary lighting for backpackers, hunters, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts, the new line was created with emergency preparedness in mind.
OWAA members interested in writing an article on UVPaqlite products are encouraged to contact the company. The business is using grassroots marketing to help spread the word about its environmentally friendly, useful, and unique products.
For more on UVPaqlite and all of its products, including purchasing information, visit http://www.uvpaqlite.com.

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