Realtree Nursery soft mast for bow season

The Realtree Nursery, known for its Dunstan chestnut trees, keeps the hunter in mind all year long by providing a variety of mast trees and plants. And with bow season just around the corner, Realtree Nursery offers the best selection of soft mast needed to attract those big bucks.
Deer go crazy for sources of soft mast, or basically fruit, and will seek out such offerings as apples, persimmons and berries. The Realtree Nursery provides a wide variety of these soft mast trees and plants that will lure in the big boys, and keep them coming back to your food plot for more.
Five varieties of persimmon trees are available, including American persimmons and oriental varieties. Persimmons are known as “deer candy.” Delicious, sweet persimmons are irresistible to deer, and they will pick the fruit right off the tree. Persimmons are easy to grow and will bear fruit in just a few years. Many of these varieties are grafted, and are female, meaning they will bear excellent fruit.
The Realtree Nursery offers four varieties of apple trees – Anna, Arkansas black, Dorsett golden and the native crabapple. These varieties were chosen for their hardiness, longer ripening times and disease resistance, and are easy to implement, as not much care is needed for them to thrive. Deer love the taste of apples, and any of these varieties would make an excellent addition to your food plot.
Berries are another favorite of deer and other game. The Realtree Nursery offers a variety of delicious blackberries, blueberries and grapes. These types of plants are great along field edges and fencerows, and require very little maintenance. These varieties will produce fruit every year, and will keep your deer herd coming back for more.
Three varieties of pear trees are also available, and produce consistent annual crops. Deer are drawn to sweet-tasting pears, and these varieties are all disease resistant, hardy and easy to grow.
Mulberries and Chickasaw plums round out the soft mast selection at the Realtree Nursery. Both are easy to grow and produce fruit every year.
By implementing some, or all, of the Realtree Nursery soft mast selections in your food plot, rest assured you’ll be bringing in the deer, right where you want them, and just in time for bow season.
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