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Images for Conservation Fund app provides instruction wherever you shoot

After a decade of working as a professional photographer and guiding photo safaris around the world, John Martin wanted a way his clients could make adjustments in the field and help themselves on future trips when he wasn’t there to make a suggestion.
So Martin, the chairman of Images for Conservation Fund (ICF), created the app ICF Photo Guide to Nature & Travel Photography for iPad and Android tablets. The app illustrates professional photographic techniques for nature and travel photography, in an intuitive, user-friendly way.
It has rich photographic content, technical image data and descriptive field notes designed to help users discover new photographic techniques and composition ideas. The app also has a “My Gallery” feature allowing the user to upload images and field notes to create their own interactive photography journal within the app.
“In essence, the app serves as both a field guide to nature and travel photography and a customizable photography journal,” Martin said. “The journal feature might be a great fit for the outdoor writer who enjoys photography, as it provides a convenient way to record detailed notes about your images or travel experiences.”
This innovative app was developed by Bill Gozansky, a professional travel and nature photographer, and the ICF, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving wildlife and native habitats through photography.
“I’ve tried to give the user insight into my personal photographic process by sharing behind-the-scenes commentary through detailed field notes encompassing many artistic and technical photo tips, helpful hints, and more,” Gozansky said. “We’ve designed the photography guide to be both interactive and portable, a true ‘field guide’ that doesn’t require internet connectivity, something that the reader can take with them on their travels and actually use in the field. As I lead private and small-group photo safaris around the world, I wanted something that my clients could employ during our travels to both learn new photo techniques and to record and share their images and experiences.”
In the future, the ICF envisions adapting the app’s modular design to create a series of ICF Photo Guide apps with top photographers in the field of nature and wildlife photography so they can share their insights, expertise, and creative processes.
“We believe this app series will become an innovative educational resource for those looking to explore the world of nature photography.”
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