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SG-20 offers an easy way to repair boots, waders and more

This month hunters around the country will pull out their hunting gear only to find a rip they forgot about in their blind bag, a sole that is ripping off a boot, and let’s not forget that mysterious leak in the waders that seems impossible to
repair. But instead of tossing expensive gear, hunters can turn to SG-20 adhesive.
SG-20 adhesive is made of a propriety blend of two-part polyurethane adhesive material that adheres to neoprene, polyurethane and canvas making it ideal for repairing many different styles of waders, boots, foul weather and hunting gear. Damaged gear can be fixed quickly in the field simply by cleaning and drying the damaged material and applying SG-20. Wet neoprene can even be fixed while it’s still damp. When mending lightweight breathable waders worn by wading fishermen, the SG-20 adhesive is applied to the inside of the waders (the underside of GORE-TEX) rather than the outside.
“You no longer have to consider torn, ripped or leaky hunting gear as disposable,” said Frank Dugan, sales manager. “We have tested SG-20 on everything from wet neoprene waders to broken duck decoys and in nearly every case the seal holds strong. Repairs we’ve made to boots and waders have held for more than five years.”
In the past an inopportune tear or puncture to a hunter’s waders could lead to a damp and uncomfortable outing; or worse yet, the end to a great day outdoors. The only repair options were glues with noxious smells and 24-hour dry time. SG-20 is odorless, sets in one minute and dries in one hour, creating a smooth, water-tight seal keeping air, dirt and debris out. After it’s dry, SG-20 remains flexible, moving naturally with the material. It can be used on a variety of boots including muck boots, XTRA Tuff boots, wading boots and on just about any part of a boot whether it is the seams or the sole, leather, felt, rubber or plastic. SG-20 costs $19.99 per kit at, Cabela’s stores and, and other select retailers.
“When the birds are flying I don’t want to leave anything to chance, so at the beginning of the season I often reinforce my gear with SG-20 by applying the adhesive along the seams of my waders and boots,” Dugan said. With the adhesive’s ability to set in minutes and dry in less than hour, it’s a perfect fix in the field, too.
Members are encouraged to contact Carla Vallone at Portavoce Public Relations to request a sample of SG-20 to use this season. Please contact her at or at 760-814-8194.
Visit to see a video about how SG-20 works. ♦

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