OWAA conference perfect excuse to travel to Alaska

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If you liked this year’s conference, then you’ll really enjoy next year’s conference in Fairbanks. Next year’s schedule hasn’t been set yet, but just the chance to take photos in Alaska is worth the trip.
I have been to Alaska before, but it was in the winter. And it was as cold as Phoenix is hot. I am glad we are going to Fairbanks when it’s not that frigid.
I did make the mistake of offering to take my hosts to dinner to enjoy some wild game, only they wouldn’t hear of it. They just called the neighbors, who checked their freezer. Big mistake on my part. To be a good guest, I had to sample everything from salmon pot pie to bear, and caribou, to venison chili and moose stroganoff.
Already members are making plans for pre- and post-conference trips. I am told there is quite a train trip out of Fairbanks. So watch for more info in OU this fall.
Be sure to sign up early for lodging. You can stay at the resort or in Fairbanks at a hotel.
I can’t imagine an outdoor communicator not wanting to attend the Fairbanks conference. Alaska is truly the last frontier. If you don’t go to Fairbanks next year, will you ever get to Alaska?
Due to a situation not of the board’s doing, we had to elect a new treasurer. Jack Ballard was elected, filling a vacancy left by Paul Hansen, who was unable to fulfill his recent appointment.
The new treasurer will need to be somewhat of a financial wizard because he will need to help lead the board out of a financial problem. The board reviewed many ideas and somewhere in these ideas is the key to solving our dilemma. I call on the membership to help the board and staff solve the problem. You can send suggestions to info@owaa.org.
Many thanks, by the way, to committee volunteers for stepping forward and helping the organization. And thanks to Robin Giner and her staff. They do a great job, one I appreciate already. And finally, thanks to you, the membership. You truly are the engine that keeps the association productive.
This column will, in the future, have information of true interest to the membership. It will not be a column that just takes up space. At least that is my intention. I want to hear from you; I can’t do my job unless I know your thoughts and needs. Call if you wish, but email is the best way to reach me. ♦
— OWAA President Mike Walker, mike@walkeragency.com

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