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Steve Budnik

stevebudnikSteve Budnik is a Wisconsin Northwoods-based freelance writer with a wide range of outdoor interests including fishing, boating, natural resource/conservation/environmental issues, silent sports, outdoor travel and fisheries-related research. He is currently a field editor of MUSKIE Magazine. He enjoys being a competitive long-distance runner, diehard Atlanta Braves fan and an avid reader in his spare time. He can be reached at

Lori Robertson

Lori Robertson, of Edmonton, Alberta, applied for acceptance to Roger Brunt’s North American School of Outdoor Writing last year. “I was thrilled upon my acceptance because of my desire to be a professional outdoor writer. My ambition is fueled by my desire to write in a way that is gratifying and informative for the reader, in that the reader feels my experiences or is satisfied with further knowledge or understanding about outdoor issues based on an article I wrote. My passion about writing and photography, I believe, will provide me with a very rewarding journey. The second article I wrote was published in The Woman Hunter e-zine magazine as the editor’s and people’s choice awards. This is the beginning of my journey.” Robertson can be reached at


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