Tear sheets are much appreciated

Hi Jim….
I am a returning member of OWAA and just read your article on electronic tear sheets. Thanks.
After 35 years in radio and television news in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, I became the outdoor media specialist with the state office of tourism (Explore Minnesota Tourism) charged with working with outdoor media interested in enterprising stories in our state.
In this position I frequently call on resort operators, convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs) and guides to help the visiting writer or photographer complete their project. And, I ask that they provide this service…gratis.
In most cases they are willing to help. In far too many cases their effort and expense goes unrecognized in the resulting article or photo layout.
Your article pointing out the simple but rewarding act of courtesy of supplying a tear sheet to those who provided the writer/photographer with in-kind services, “hit the nail on the head.”
It may not seem like much to the writer/photographer but that tear sheet does several things:
1.     It becomes a source of pride and in many cases is framed and hung in a place of honor.
2.     It demonstrates their efforts or courtesies were of value.
3.     It may prove to a board of directors the value of such “comps” to the property or CVB.
4.     It may ultimately place your name in several roll-o-dex (electronic) files of other similar properties/individuals/communities which may result in future invitations/business.
I have found, over the years, that the outdoor and travel industry in Minnesota is very accommodating to the needs of writers and photographers and are willing to step forward with help as best they can. But, as you might imagine, when an individual or property is forgotten after the story is completed, it is quite difficult to convince them that their efforts were worth it.
I am hopeful your very useful article on electronic tear sheets will help improve the communication between our outdoor journalists and those who are willing to help them with their project.
Thanks, Jim.
p.s. I have noted of late that several of the outdoor writers I have worked with in Minnesota have created (and sold) sidebar “travel stories” in addition to their wildlife or nature piece.
Curt Johnson
St. Paul, Minn.


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