President's message

By John L. Beath, OWAA President

  • What does it mean to be an OWAA member?
  • What are the responsibilities of membership?
  • What are the benefits of membership?
  • Why should you belong to OWAA?

These are all good questions and have different meanings for each member and supporter.  While I can’t put myself in each of your shoes, I would like the opportunity to give some answers to these important questions.
What does it mean to be an OWAA member?
Membership in OWAA brings together a group of people who love the outdoors and communicate their passion and enjoyment for outdoor activities. As a group, we are stronger and collectively smarter than an individual is. OWAA can make a difference in society through its unique, diversified members. Through our writings, photos, lectures, blogs, websites, radio shows, books or TV shows, OWAA members can educate and inspire the public about countless topics near and dear to the OWAA collective heart.
What are the responsibilities of membership?
Every successful society in history has one thing in common – participation.
Your responsibility as an OWAA member is participation.
This can and should include serving on a committee, contributing craft improvement articles, attending conference or standing tall, with your hand raised when called upon to volunteer.
OWAA most of all needs participants to remain successful and a vital part of the outdoor world. Remember, as a group we are smarter, stronger and more profitable. If outdoor communicators expect to remain relevant in a digitally dominated world – become more active in YOUR organization.
What are the benefits of membership?
One of the most valuable benefits of membership is the membership.
Interactions at conferences provide one of the best, most valuable benefits. When our membership gathers, ideas flare up like a campfire stacked with pinecones. The exchange of ideas can be priceless.
Where else can you get such vital knowledge and interaction for your business?
We can’t forget our business supporters and their vast contributions either. These valued supporters provide story material, ideas, imagery, product use and much, much more. Our supporters often have cutting-edge material to help us stay ahead of the curve and relevant to our audiences.
Why should you belong to OWAA?
You should belong to OWAA for your own well-being and profit margin.
Membership in OWAA provides the most powerful tool you will ever possess — KNOWLEDGE. OWAA members have a collective knowledge second to none. This knowledge, whether collected as an idea from a conference program, a single member, or an article from OU Online, can lead to incredible profits.
A member once told me their OWAA membership was like being part of a very large extended family.  He also said his OWAA family had given him more than just profits over the years – it gave him a second family to be proud of belonging to.
As OWAA president it is my job to steer OWAA in a direction beneficial to the membership. However, I can’t steer this ship alone and need everyone’s help. We have an excellent board of directors and staff with oars in the water but still need everyone to participate.
Participation is the lifeblood and energy force of any society, organization or individual.
I specifically ask you to do at least one of the following things this month:

  • Contact a committee chair (board members all chair a committee) and ask if they need your participation or help.
  • Contact me or a board member and give us an idea how to make OWAA better and more beneficial to you.
  • Submit a craft improvement article to headquarters for OU Online.
  • Call one member who has not renewed their membership and ask them to rejoin.
  • Seek out at least one new member to OWAA.
  • Call or e-mail three OWAA members and get a dialogue going about OWAA or outdoor communications in general. Dialogue and new ideas keep us on track and knowledgeable.
  • Visit OU Online and comment on an article.
  • Our winter board meeting is just a couple weeks away. I welcome all suggestions or comments to help OWAA prosper. Please call me or e-mail me anytime.

Thank you,
John L. Beath
(206) 999-3474
P.S. I know many people are afraid or weary of the bad economy. In my next column, I will show you how to profit from a down economy and how to globalize your message. ◊

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