Intrepid hunters seek out legendary mule deer

DEVILS TOWER, WY – Big mule deer bucks are among the most elusive trophies in North America, but Intrepid hunters Zack Key and Eric Andersen know how to journey deep into the backcountry to find them. That’s exactly what the two do after discovering a 200-plus inch muley buck. Now they just have to get close enough to put the giant on the ground. Even more amazing, is this deer isn’t on some private resort; it’s a completely public land hunt.
“The animal I call the ‘Ghost of the High Country’ the elusive and nomadic mule deer. I absolutely love everything about this animal,” writes Zach Key on the Sportsman Channel blog. “From their looks, antler configuration, the way they run and most of all the country they inhabit-our high country public lands-is what makes these creatures so unique.”
Viewers can catch all of the action on the Sportsman Channel Monday at 6:30 p.m. Encore presentations also air Friday at 3 p.m. and Saturday at high noon (all times EST). Zach and Parker’s exciting antelope adventure will also appear on the NBC Sports Network Thursday at 2 p.m. (EST).
The Time Warner Cable Sports Channel, formerly the Texas Channel, also features great hunting action with Team Intrepid Wednesdays at high noon (local time). This week’s episode follows co-host Zach Key as he takes his son and other family members on a thrilling antelope hunt in Wyoming.
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About Intrepid Outdoors: Intrepid Outdoors is the first show to focus on preserving the rights of hunters to access, enjoy and hunt our nation’s public lands. In addition to thrilling hunting action with the Intrepid Team of Mike Schmid, Adam Hays, Bob Lott and Zach Key, Intrepid is also committed to connecting kids to the outdoors, as well as educating and informing Americans about the compatibility of conservation and energy exploration and extraction. Visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at and on Twitter at
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