Innovative design meets European quality

The fact that we live in a time of enormous political and economic upheaval doesn’t alter the fact that now, more than ever, people are seeking ways to relieve stress and stay healthy in body, mind and spirit – and for OWAA members, the outdoors continues to be the answer.
At LOWA, we continue to stand behind our 100 percent, made-in-Europe promise to ensure that we deliver the highest levels of quality and performance for a variety of outdoor uses. LOWA Boots LLC, with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, is a partnership with LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH, founded in 1923 and based in Jetzendorf, Germany. The U.S. branch of the company launched in 1996 and sells, markets and distributes a complete line of four-season outdoor footwear for hunting, hiking, backpacking and everyday use.
All LOWA boots are designed for specific outdoor activities. Take hunting for example. How many hunters have found themselves in the mountains, on a trail or crossing a field with the best that money can buy in guns and clothing, only to find that their day is ruined by footwear that does not fit, gets wet, slips on rocky terrain or just plain hurts? LOWA boots can prevent this scenario.
LOWA offers a wide variety of trail-worthy performance footwear with modern, go-anywhere, low-profile designs. Marketplace energy continues to come from sport-inspired shoes for do-it-in-a-day adventures, a category that LOWA leads by innovation with lightweight, flexible and long-lasting models.
LOWA builds boots under the European Union’s most stringent manufacturing, environmental and labor regulations. We put into practice what many other companies only pay lip service to: clean manufacturing, minimal waste and fair labor practices. From start to finish, LOWA footwear is 100 percent designed, sourced and handcrafted in LOWAowned European factories. LOWA is the only outdoor footwear manufacturer in the world to be granted ISO 9001 status for the highest-quality construction and process standards.
For more information, contact Ingrid Niehaus at 949-499-2225 or ♦

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