Howard Communications introduces new technology to PR efforts

Howard Communications is pleased to announce the introduction of QR codes and online videos to their arsenal of ways to provide outdoor media with industry information. These new technologies will help distribute information in different, exciting mediums while reaching a broader audience spanning from print to mobile device users.
“The short informational videos that we provide are the perfect way to quickly understand a new product and to easily share this information with others,” said Kevin Howard, president of Howard Communications. “We’re excited about the many ways these videos can be used.”
Online videos can be used through social media sharing sites, placed on websites and blogs, and can even be used to enhance articles within print media.
QR Codes are another way Howard Communications is embracing new technology. A QR code, short for quick response vode, is a small black and white “tag” that when scanned by a mobile device, takes the user directly to a video.
Feel free to visit the Howard Communications website and see how online videos and QR Codes have been implemented:

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