February Bookshelf


♦ The Salt Spring Chronicles
By Roger Brunt, Talus Publishing Group, 92064 W. Vancouver Stn., West Vancouver, BC, www.grouptalus.ca, softcover, 158 pp., $22.95. Illustrated by Margaret Threlfall.
The largest of the Gulf Islands off the east coast of Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island is a tranquil gem for travelers and a safe haven for the people who live there. A collection of sketches written by author and island resident Roger Brunt, “The Salt Spring Chronicles” is about the people of the island, how they live and what makes their world a special place. The book is a fitting tribute by Brunt to the people of the island, his neighbors.
Till Death or Fly Fishing Do Us Part
By Thomas R. Pero. Illustrations by Whitney Martin, Wild River Press, P.O. Box 13360, Mill Creek, WA 13360, www.wildriverpress.com. Trade publication, April 2009, 168 pp., $24.95.
This new collection of essays is as much about the ancient pratfalls of the human condition as to whether men prefer blondes or brown trout. The eight humorous stories of how an obsession with fly-fishing has affected romantic relationships are true. In compiling the book, Pero asked four women and three hopelessly addicted male anglers to offer their distinct perspectives on the subject of the fishing passion. The volume concludes with an essay drawn from Pero’s own experiences.
How to Hunt the Nocturnal Buck
By Dragan Vujic, Iuniverse, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403. www.bn.com, softcover, 165 pp., $16.95.
The majority of the really big bucks come out only at night. After surviving three or more hunting seasons, these whitetails have learned it’s safe to venture forth only in the dark. They are the nocturnal bucks. Vujic, a bowhunter, describes his success at harvesting several nocturnal bucks and details where to find and how to kill them in daylight hours.
Shotgunning: The Art and the Science, 2nd Ed.
By Bob Brister, Skyhorse Publishing, www.skyhorsepublishing.com, hardcover, 320 pp., $29.95.
The New York Times declared Brister “one of the most respected firearms authorities.” His reference manual is an easy-to-read breakdown of the basics, including more than 200 black-and-white photos and step-by-step instructions on how to master shooting for competition or game. Brister, who died in 2005, received OWAA’s Excellence in Craft Award in 1995.


Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler’s Companion to the National Park
By Janet Chapple, Granite Peak Publications, www.yellowstonetreasures.com, paperback, 392 pp., $23.95, will be released in April 2009.
Chapple’s association with Yellowstone National Park goes back to early childhood days when her parents worked at Old Faithful Inn. The book thoroughly covers interesting places and sights along the park’s 300 miles of roads. This third edition update includes many new contemporary photographs, as well as historical photos.
Fly Fishing for Striped Bass
By Rich Murphy, Wild River Press, www.wildriverpress.com, hardback, trade edition, 400 pp., $59.95.
The striped bass is America’s favorite saltwater game fish. An estimated 50 million wild-spawning fish roam the waters from the Carolinas to Maine. In “Fly Fishing for Striped Bass,” author and saltwater fly designer Rich Murphy teaches how to catch stripers in a variety of habitats. Five years in the making, the book details striper life history and behavior, tackle and flies, casting and fishing techniques, and structure-specific tactics in a series of original watercolor diagrams.
Near Death in the Arctic
Edited by Cecil Kuhne, Vintage Books, www.vintagebooks.com, paperback, 480 pp., $15.95.
Kuhne has gathered true stories of disaster and survival, of men and women versus nature, told by 14 adventurers who braved the Arctic. These adventurers braved a savage and desolate environment, putting their instincts for self-preservation and survival to the test. ◊

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