Explore and expand your horizons – literally – with ViewRanger GPS

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Get ready to plan, navigate, record and share your outdoor adventures using ViewRanger. Smart phone users who enjoy the outdoors now have a powerful, dedicated GPS navigation tool for hiking, hunting and any outdoor activity with the ViewRanger app.
ViewRanger delivers GPS navigation, mapping and location-based content to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Used in more than 150 countries, ViewRanger has topped the app navigation charts in markets across Europe, Africa and Asia and includes the highest quality topographic mapping for the United States, marked with 250,000 miles of trails.
ViewRanger GPS was founded when Augmentra Ltd., a smart phone app development company, saw the need for mapping software that enhanced outdoor enthusiasts’ explorations. Since then, the company has continued to be recognized for its innovation and leadership while combining a passion for highly functional products. The company is now an energetic team aiming to build the best outdoor navigation tools that help people discover more of the outdoors.
A testament to the app’s accuracy and reliability is that it is extensively used and trusted by search and rescue teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Outdoor professionals and search and rescue teams are able to use ViewRanger for mountain rescue, lowland search, search-dog teams, coastguard team members, and more.
ViewRanger is fully featured and will work anywhere in the world using open source Web maps. You can upgrade to detailed topographic maps for the USA and a growing number of other countries. Whichever maps you use, ViewRanger works even without a cell signal, as the maps can be stored on your phone — essential for exploring remote places. There is also a free Web route planning tool that works seamlessly with the app, so you can plan and share trails using your PC.
In addition to finding trails and creating your own routes, you can download expert-authored trail guides to the app from renowned guidebook publishers such as Menasha Ridge and Wilderness Press. Each guided trail comes complete with text description, images from the book, and the marked path which can be navigated using the app’s on-screen visual guidance.
This past August, ViewRanger made their solo debut at the Summer Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. Based out of the UK, ViewRanger continues to improve its features and capabilities for users around the world.
For more information about ViewRanger, please visit www.viewranger.com.

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