Comments: the new quarterly OU

–Bill Powell

“Great job on the print version of Outdoors Unlimited! I’m sure many members appreciate the extra efforts.”
–Robert Loewendick

“Just a quick line to thank you … for the excellent job of resurrecting a version of OU. Know the bottom-line blues killed the monthly mag., but the quarterly publication helps fill a very large void. The social-media apostles can hype Facebook and Twitter all they want, but that printed version of OU is a tangible post card from our organization that many members miss. Especially the older members! As one who daily wades through a ton of electronic messages, I find myself reading very little of the new and improved, online OU. I just read your latest printed effort from cover to cover.”
–Terry Brady

“Wanted to comment on the Sept. paper issue of OU. NICE! That’s the kind of outdoor communications I still enjoy…though I know I’m being left behind in a dust cloud of gone-by technology, I still like the mood created from good copy and illustrations on paper.”
–Ted Upgren

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