The Weight of Night

By Christine Carbo
Atria books; paperback and e-book; 416 pages; $16.
In a land sculpted by glaciers, the forest is on fire. Thick smoke chokes the mountain air and casts a twilight glow over the imposing mountains and vistas of Montana’s Glacier National Park. When firefighters are called to dig fuel line breaks near a small town, a crewmember unearths a shallow grave with human remains.

When Bears Attack: Close Encounters of the Terrifying Kind

Edited by Joseph B. Healy
Skyhorse Publishing; paperback; 224 pages; $14.99.
Bears are among nature’s apex predators, gentle and magnificent to watch from a distance, fierce and unpredictable when aroused. If a bear is startled or frightened, it’s often too late for humans to escape a dangerous, fearsome, or fatal bear encounter. In this collection, we gather the ultimate thrilling and frightening bear attack stories, including classic stories of the past few decades. Joseph B. Healy takes a closer look at some of the notable bear attacks of recent history in order to determine their causes, evaluate what happened and appreciate the raw power — and danger — of mother nature. He tells tales of hikers enjoying weekend camping trips as well as workers going about their daily routines. Follow along as the victims’ lives are disrupted by bears, and see how survivors were forced to think and act in the moment to stay alive.

The Yellow Envelope: One Gift, Three Rules, and a Life-changing Journey Around the World

By Kim Dinan
Sourcebooks; paperback; 368 pages; $15.99.
Plagued by anxiety and panic attacks in her late twenties, Kim Dinan and her husband, Brian, decided to quit their jobs and set out on a trip around the world. They knew their lives were going to change. What they didn’t count on is that they would be in a position to change the lives of the people they met on their journey. On the eve of their departure, the couple was given an unusual going-away gift from their friends Michele and Glenn: a yellow envelope containing a check for $1,000 and three simple instructions for giving the money away to those they encountered during their travels.

Game Birds: A Celebration of North American Upland Birds

By: Gary K. Kramer
Sweetgrass Books; hardcover; 256 pages; 384 color photographs; 26 range maps; $58.
This book takes readers on a visual journey across North America in search of turkey, pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge, ptarmigan, prairie chickens and the game birds of Hawaii. If you are an avid hunter, a serious birder or an armchair reader, this book will provide you with range maps, natural history and conservation status and a photographic insight seldom revealed.

A Quixotic Guide to Key West & the Lower Keys

By Karuna Eberl and Steve Alberts
Softcover and e-book; 288 pages; $20.
Key West, a quirky tropical paradise, draws millions of visitors each year, who mostly miss out on the true spirit and hidden places of this eclectic destination. Irreverent, humorous and full of mostly pertinent information, the Quixotic guide is not only a comprehensive rundown of local tips for lodging, eating, drinking and attractions, but also an honest and unpredictable literary voyage, complete with obscure places, tall tales, drinking customs, life wisdoms and hard lessons. We even included a conch pocket translator, so visitors can properly communicate with the locals. In other words: it’s a guide by locals to the wonders of the Keys, for everyone who likes the road less taken. Preorders at

Turkey Men

By Thomas R. Pero
Wind River Press; hardcover; 212 pages; $49.95.
This new book profiles six extraordinary hunters who years ago set their sights on killing a wild turkey in the 49 states where the birds now thrive after reaching near extinction. “Turkey Men” features interviews with Jeff Budz and David J. Ellis of Florida, Tony Hudak of Noxen, Pennsylvania, Rob Keck of South Carolina, Clyde F. Neely of Texas and Randy Stafford of Louisiana. Impressive photos of these hunters document their devoted and adventurous quest for the United States Wild Turkey Super Slam. ♦

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