American SportFishing Association – 80 years of fostering a fishing community

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Fishing blends so many things we value. It’s what gives us a chance to reflect, refocus and rejuvenate in our outdoor sanctuaries. It’s the lesson plan for helping our children to discover the wonders of nature. It’s our go-to source of fun with family and friends during our time-off work. It’s at the heart of our most meaningful experiences because it’s what returns our attention to what matters most.
Fishing companies traditionally have been family businesses passed down through the generations. Staunch competitors forged life-long friendships with each other building a strong sense of community within the fishing business community.
Today, consolidation in the industry is bringing people and companies together in different ways. Acquisitions and mergers are bringing in diverse expertise, perspectives and approaches to all aspects of business operations.
Over the past 80 years, the American Sportfishing Association has evolved from a consortium of tackle manufacturers into a more complex trade association representing the interests of the broader recreational fishing community. ASA not only has manufacturers among its 700 members, but every sector of the industry is represented, from independent dealers and distributors to rep groups, to media groups, to cataloguers and big box stores.
We are governed by a board of directors elected by the association’s membership, supported by nine committees made up of member volunteers. Our main program areas are member services, the industry’s trade show (ICAST), government affairs, consumer shows and communications.
KeepAmericaFishing, under government affairs, is our angler-based advocacy campaign created to give anglers a stronger voice in public policy that impacts their right to fish on our public lands and water. The FishAmerica Foundation is the industry’s conservation arm, providing support and grant funding for sportfish conservation and habitat restoration. Although a separate organization, ASA works closely with the Recreational Fishing & Boating Foundation to promote sportfishing participation and conservation ideals.
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