Yamaha outdoors tips – getting ready for bow season

By Bob Humphrey
Fall bowhunting is still a ways off, but if you really want to do right, it will take several months to get your gear and yourself in shape for the coming bow season. Get started now by following the 3 Ps of proper bowhunting in preparation to prevent poor performance.
1) Preventive Maintenance – Go through your bow from axle to axle to ensure everything is in proper working order.
Check all fastenings for tightness. A bow absorbs a lot of shock and vibration over the course of a year, all of which can loosen screws and bolts.
Check string and cables for wear. Most manufacturers recommend you replace your string at least every 2 or 3 years; some advise annually. Obviously it depends on how much use and wear it gets, but it’s a relatively small investment to ensure proper performance.
Lubricate all moving parts with bow oil or some other odor-free lube, and if your current string is ok, wax it.
2) Practice – Prepare your body and bow for the approaching season.
Shoot enough so that the mechanics of drawing, aiming and shooting become second nature.
Practice in situations that replicate the actual conditions you hunt in, like elevated stands, ground blinds or long-distance shooting.
3) Prepare Your Paraphernalia – Check your arrow shafts and nocks for cracks or defects. Make sure vanes are securely attached and not torn and that all your broadheads are sharp.
You’ll need a means to transport your bow, which could be a hard case for the vehicle, a bow holder for the ATV or a sling for walking to and from your stand.
Something that seems rather insignificant until you get there and realize you forgot it is a rope or strap to raise and lower your bow from your stand.
And once you’re up there, you’ll want something to hang it on when not in use.

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