Why come to conference?

Are you coming to conference? I hope so.
Conference is one of the best parts of OWAA. Where else can we so fully embrace the OWAA mission on all levels?

  • Conference helps you improve you professional skills.
  • At conference you can actively participate in the enjoyment and conservation of natural resources.
  • Conference lets you mentor new communicators.
  • At conference you can learn from those mentors.
  • Conference showcases and promotes the highest ethical and communications standards. In addition, at conference we recognize and reward the best in the business.

What better opportunity is there to enjoy so much of what OWAA is then at conference?
This will be my first conference as your executive director, but it won’t be my first time attending conference. In years past I attended conferences in St. George, Utah, and Haines City, Fla. I know first-hand how much conference offers both our members and supporters. The schedule is jam-packed and there is so much to see and do before and after. Most importantly, the fellowship and camaraderie is unlike anything I have ever witnessed.
Here are a few sessions on the agenda for Lake Placid that caught my attention.

  • Leaping into the Future II — I’m a big fan of social media but to others it is voodoo. OWAA members from all segments of our industry will share their experiences in the rapidly evolving realm of new media (anything from e-books to blogs to apps) and what it means for outdoor communication.
  • Gun Writing for Fly-Fisherman — Hey, I’m a fly-fishing guide, of course this one got my attention! Outdoor writers who don’t normally cover firearms will benefit from this primer for non-gun communicators. By the way, hikers, kayakers, mountain climbers and birders are welcome, too.
  • Meet/Ask the Editors — As a freelancer I am always curious about new opportunities. Editors and publishers will discuss what they are looking for and how to sell your work. This Q-and-A style session will be followed by a meet-and-greet.

Plus, Demo and Shooting days are fun and exciting and there are always some memorable moments at the dinners and in the hospitality suites. And don’t miss opportunities to generate story ideas, make connections within the outdoor industry and check out new outdoor products.
If you are a new member, I strongly encourage you to come to conference! There is no better way to get started with OWAA than at conference. All firsttime attendees get a special rate and we even give you a mentor to show you the ropes!
Read more on Pages 16-19 for information to make you conference experience fun, informative and profitable.
I hope you will join us! ◊
— OWAA Executive Director Tom Sadler, tsadler@owaa.org

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