Tri-Tronics releases head-strap mount for NIGHTRAZOR spotlight

A head-strap mount accessory is now available for the Tri-Tronics Nightrazor cordless spotlight. The new accessory makes the Nightrazor a versatile option for outdoor enthusiasts. 
“The Nightrazor cordless spotlight was originally designed to be compatible with the traditional coon hunter’s hard-plastic bump cap, but we heard from a lot of folks that had other uses for the light besides coon hunting,” said Gary Williams, Tri-Tronics marketing and sales manager. “Waterfowlers setting up decoys before sunrise or hunters calling in coyotes at night do not need the same type of head protection from thick brush as our coonhunters require.”
The Nightrazor is a lightweight, cordless spotlight that uses a rechargeable, long-lasting battery. Other accessories available for the Nightrazor include a bump cap, a soft cap with hard liner, a riflescope mount ring adapter, and red and amber filters. 
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