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cHarissa adds flavor to fish, game and fowl

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At 90 years old, Earl Fultz is still sometimes surprised he’s running a start-up company. But while it might not be how he imaged spending his 90s, he wouldn’t have it any other way.
The former fiction writer launched the cHarissa corporation to market his wife’s recipe for a “super spice” that’s good on everything.
It’s the tagline, because it’s true, Fultz said.
cHarissa, a cumin-based spice, is a uniquely perfect blend for fish, game, fowl and just about everything else.
“Keep it in the kitchen, bring it camping, take it to your next tailgate party and carry it along for outdoor fish fries, barbecues or clam bakes,” he said. “There’s no refrigeration needed.”
Fultz grew up on the Montana frontier, while his wife Gloria, a gifted cook, was born in Morocco. She eventually tamed the fiery spices of her native land so their children could enjoy the flavors of Moroccan cuisine on their favorite American dishes. The result was cHarissa, a recipe that remained within the family for more than 50 years until Gloria’s recent passing.
It was Gloria who encouraged Fultz to start the business.
She knew she’d die before him, due to her declining health and hoped cHarissa might help Fultz fill the void when she passed. While the void Gloria left can never truly be filled, the business has kept Fultz busy.
“Dealing with this business daily helps me live with a sense of purpose and keeps Gloria more vividly with me,” he said. “cHarissa gives me a reason to get up in the morning, have meetings, meet new and interesting people, make plans, solve problems, be frustrated — all those wonderful things that let you know you’re alive.”
This October, Fultz and cHarissa hit a high note when the Cutchogue, New York-based company was chosen as one of five in the country to receive the prestigious Wells Fargo Small Business Works award.
cHarissa is available in four-ounce dry rub shakers, eight-ounce condiment style jars and a 32-ounce dry rub container. Made from all natural ingredients, it is 100 percent free of sugar, gluten and MSG, so serve it without shame.
The savory new exotic spice is available on-line exclusively at
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