The Jim Shockey Dream Hunt gears up for Texas

Last year, and Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures teamed up to create the Jim Shockey Dream Hunt, a one-of-a-kind hunting expedition for new hunter education graduates. A student from Michigan and his field day instructor were the lucky first winners and they headed to Northern Saskatchewan to hunt monster whitetails in November 2011.
For the second annual Jim Shockey Dream Hunt, in January 2013, one graduate and his or her field day instructor will travel to the Nail Ranch in Albany, Texas, where they will be paired up with Jim Shockey to hunt 30,000 acres of prime hog and whitetail territory.
Every graduate who successfully completes his or her follow-up field day is automatically entered into the draw, which will be held on Aug. 31, 2012.
Every year, 40,000 Texans take hunter education, a number that reflects the state’s position as one of the biggest for the sport of hunting and the role of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in promoting hunter safety. Kerry Moher, Vice-President at, added, “We have a great relationship with TPWD and are proud to be an approved hunter education course in the state. It’s just one more reason we’re excited about Texas being our Dream Hunt destination this year.”
The 2012 Jim Shockey Dream Hunt is now open. For more information, and for some great pictures and video from last year’s Dream Hunt, visit:

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