Steve West takes world record grizzly

Steve West, founder and host of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures TV, has taken the muzzleloader world record grizzly bear. West’s bear, scored at 26 1/16 inches\, eclipsed the previous record by almost three inches. The bear was taken in British Columbia.
“I feel extremely fortunate and very lucky,” said West. “You never wake up in the morning going on a hunt and say to yourself, ‘I am going to go out today and take a world-record animal.’ To be honest, when I realized I had a potential world-record grizzly bear, I found it to be a very-humbling experience.”
Although the skull will have to be measured again for official entry because of remaining tissue and a lower jaw that remains attached, Boone and Crockett Club official scorer Gail Martin acknowledges that the measurement will likely not change. 

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