Sportsman debuts "Meet the McMillans"

New Berlin, WI (June 25, 2013) – Sportsman Channel debuts its newest original series starring the riotous and always entertaining ranch owner Tom McMillan as he juggles family life and his high-profile clients in Meet the McMillans. From repairing rifles to roping cattle to preparing the ranch for a non-stop stream of guests, Meet the McMillans is a hilarious and honest look into the world of one of the country’s most beloved outdoors outfitter families. Viewers get a front-row seat to follow along a typical deer season with Tom and his wife, Jacque, as they entertain, mediate, counsel, clean-up after and find their clients the biggest, baddest bucks. Tune in to this original series only on Sportsman Channel during premiere week on July 7 at 8:30 pm ET/PT.
“This series will show there is much more to a hunt well before the first step into the woods,” said Graig Hale, VP of Business Development. “The McMillans have created a lifestyle around being the best outfitters in the business and this series will showcase that it’s back breaking hard work. Sportsman Channel is creating a new genre of outdoor programming that focuses on lifestyle reality entertainment.”
With a caring, snazzy, no-holds-barred wife, a rowdy ranch crew and then Tom as the mentor of them all, Meet the McMillans explores the delicate outfitter/client relationship. From spoiled clients, to temper flare-ups to late night recoveries (of deer and people), the McMillans know how to keep their clients coming back for more.
With clients like country music artist and two time champion on “Dancing with the Stars,” Chuck Wicks, to MMA legend Randy Couture, the stakes are never higher to ensure a good time, and big bucks, are delivered. Other big names joining in on the fun of bagging Midwest whitetail are Michael Waddell of the Bone Collector series and NASCAR driver great Clint Bowyer.
“Season one of ‘Meet the McMillans’ is going to give a brief look into the work, fun, (and sometimes chaotic) life that we live here in Kansas. While running a guided hunt business, a farm and ranch (along with a thousand other things) we never lose sight of a few important values, our love of the outdoors and the importance of having fun while getting the job done. Join us, our hunting clients, and our friends as we share our world of Outfitting, Ranching, Hunting, Humor….and Real Life!” said Tom McMillan, host.
Meet the Crew:
Tom McMillan – The Boss: Tom is 100 percent genuine and is a consummate host who takes pride in being the best at what he does and making sure his guests have the time of their lives. Tom’s entire life has helped him prepare for the way he makes his living today. He has fond memories of skipping school to hunt or fish, of growing up on a tractor and on horseback, and of working on the family farm and cattle ranch. Later in life, he worked odd jobs from electrician to carpentry to horse-shoeing to farming before ultimately finding his true calling as a guide and outfitter. From Tom’s quick wit, to his cutting sarcasm, to his sometimes ridiculous antics, deer hunting has never been so fun, or funny! It’s part of the reason clients come back each year – who can resist all this country charm?
Jacque McMillan – The Better Half: Everyone describes Jacque as the “rock” of the relationship. She is down to earth, a methodical thinker and a voice of reason. Jacque works as an accountant, serves as part-time lodge cook and does her best to keep her husband Tom happy (that alone can be a full-time job)! She was born and raised as a Midwest girl and runs a tight ship on the ranch. Guests adore her and she’s an outdoorsman’s dream-come-true. She’s a knockout beauty that isn’t afraid to get dirty, draw back a bow, and plain let loose. Tom is one very lucky guy – a fact Jacque never lets him forget!
Gatlin McMillan – McMillan’s Pride & Joy: Gatlin just joined the family this spring, but he’s already decked out in camo. It won’t be long before Tom has him drawing back a bow on a big whitetail.
Jordan – The Niece: It’s no secret; Jordan’s genuine interest in hunting and ranch operations makes her Tom’s favorite niece. She is the quintessential farm girl with wisdom beyond her 26 years, so don’t underestimate this soft-spoken beauty. She is lending a hand during the whitetail season, but will her relationship with Uncle Tom get strained when the pressure of more responsibility lands on her shoulders this year?
Jerry & Maxine McMillan: Tom’s Dad, Jerry, just turned 67 and occasionally works the ranch as a guide and outfitter. Born and bred in Stafford County, Kansas – Jerry knows a thing or two about farm life…and he’s not afraid to share his opinion! Maxine is the matriarch of the family. A sweet, sensible, down-to-earth farm girl who also has a side (or three) that you may not expect at first glance. From making local headlines with her shocking Halloween attire to offering her opinions to Tom (whether he wants them or not), Maxine is a feisty force to be reckoned with. If you get hungry, just open her new cookbook “Cooking in Camo.”As Tom often says, a good meal can make up quickly for a bad day of hunting.
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