SCI doubles grant to help save hunting in South Africa

TUCSON, AZ — At its most recent conference call meeting, the SCI Executive Committee approved another $10,000, doubling the grant to PHASA (Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa) to help that organization with its comprehensive public relations campaign to educate the general public and to combat the efforts of anti-hunters on that continent. The combined $20,000 SCI grant represents a significant portion of the total amount needed for the professional PR campaign.
“Please extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire SCI board for allocating another $10 000 USD to the PHASA PR drive!” reported President Hans Vermaak on behalf of PHASA. “I am blown away, for lack of a better word, and I am so appreciative of your support for this vital initiative. Just this weekend there was another extremely negative program that was aired on television slaying the hunting industry, in which they also stated that all hunting in SA is canned.
“I assure you that this PR drive is one of the most important tasks PHASA has ever dealt with and your support is hugely valued and appreciated,” Vermaak continued. “We [PHASA] and our PR Company have a massive challenge ahead of us, where we need to combat human emotions and sentimentality with hard facts. Unbeknown to most, the ‘animal rightists’ are the greatest threat to wildlife around the globe and this drive goes further than simply protecting our way of life and livelihoods, the South African Wildlife and Conservation success story is at risk!”
“During this time of immense global economic and political pressure on hunting, conservation and our sporting heritage, SCI is the vanguard protecting our worldwide freedom to hunt,” said SCI Chief Executive Officer Phil DeLone. “The members of PHASA have guided many SCI members over the decades on exciting and memorable adventures in Africa. Our club is honored to support PHASA and its membership in this endeavor.”
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