Savor the flavor (and health benefits)

Creative Culinary Solutions offers marinade that enhances taste and is good for you

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A recent national survey conducted for National Public Radio by Thomson Reuters found 61 percent of Americans are concerned about contamination of the food supply, noting meat and seafood as their top concerns.
“Those numbers are about what I’d expect,” said Dan Neumann, president of Creative Culinary Solutions, Inc. “This is a problem about which consumers are growing increasingly aware.”
It’s also a problem for which Neumann’s company has found a solution. Marinade Express, the world’s most unique tabletop home marinade system, is known for making foods tender, juicy and more flavorful, but it also offers important health benefits.
“Our system allows users to “vacuum tumble” wild game, fish, meats, poultry and fresh vegetables for faster flavor, superior taste and amazing tenderness,” Neumann said. “But it also reduces unwanted chemical additives, preservatives and other contaminants. It even eliminates up to more than 99 percent of bacteria that can cause spoilage and food-borne illness.”
Easy to use, this system marinates in minutes instead of days. Most items are fully marinated in 20 minutes or less.
Specially-formulated MX Marinades dissolved in water initiates the patented process to open cellular structures and rapidly infuse natural flavors without adding sodium. Used in combination with the MX Marinades, the Marinade Express also reduces the formation of free radicals during cooking, extends the shelf life of meats, fish and poultry to be refrigerated or frozen, and may even help reduce fat.
OWAA member Andy Lightbody is a believer. He recently sampled the Marinade Express and is recommending its use in his soon to be released cookbook, “All Things Jerky.”
“It’s not a product that promises a 10 and delivers a five,” Lightbody said. “It performs exactly as advertised. In less than an hour you can marinate anything for the barbecue, oven or smoker — and the health benefits are great.”
Starting in 2015, the Marinade Express will have an additional benefit to offer, a significant reduction in mercury in fish with the addition of several new marinades.
Visit for recipes or to see the Marinade Express in action. OWAA members can purchase the system for $199, a $100 savings off the $299 retail price.
Contact Tom Schlichter at or 631-765-5070 for more information.

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