Resolve to let OWAA help you reach professional goals

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New Year’s is just around the corner and here at OWAA headquarters, we want to help you with your resolutions — at least the ones related to outdoor communication, you’ll have to tackle the eating better and exercising more on your own.

  • Learn a new skill.

If your goal is to learn a new skill, check out videos from our annual conferences in the “Member’s Area” of our website at
We recently updated our website to include videos from our most recent conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, this past summer, as well as conferences going back as far as 2011. Learn about the best apps for working journalists, or how to plan and carryout your own book tour.

  • Stay involved in the organization and industry.

We also want to help keep you apprised of issues facing our organization and outdoor communication. You might have noticed this is the space where Tom Sadler, our executive director, normally writes his column. Instead of addressing the membership in this space every two months, Tom will regularly update you through his blog, which you can find at This will allow him to write about news-worthy items in a timely matter.

  •  Make more money

We know this is the reason so many of you joined OWAA and we are constantly working on more ways to get you more work. Billings, Montana, a gateway community to Yellowstone National Park, is hosting our 2016 conference in July. Not only is conference a great way to make connections with editors and other like-minded professionals, Montana offers a wealth of outdoor adventure options you can turn into stories. Local chair Jack Ballard has already lined-up some pre- and post-conference trips you can read about on page 14, and more in the works. Start pitching outlets now and letting them know you’ll be in Montana this summer.
We’re always looking ways for you to get the most out of your membership, but you can’t take advantage of OWAA benefits, if you aren’t a member, so make sure to remember to send in your dues renewal. Then starting thinking about what you want to do this year and how OWAA can help you reach those goals.♦

—Publications Editor Kelsey Dayton,


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