Putting video on paper

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I see the world through a lens that captures motion, and that’s why video is the medium I’ve mastered. As a broadcast journalist, I’ve always competed in OWAA’s Television/Video/Webcast Excellence in Craft contest, but in 2014 a rookie pushed me off my perch.
To my surprise, Brett Prettyman of the Salt Lake Tribune beat me in my own section with his new TV show “Utah Bucket List.” A paper king turned video rookie placed in the Television/Video/Webcast contest? Are you kidding me? TV doesn’t like to be trumped by print any more than the paper people like a video punk on their pages.
My crown tumbled, but not to be undone, this video queen turned paper rookie won first place in the Newspaper contest. I beat paperboy Prettyman with my “Century Outside” newspaper story. The Millgate-Prettyman rivalry is all in fun now that we’re even, but it is a shining example of what is happening in media today.
The mediums are meshing. I saw it coming back in 2006 and that’s why I went freelance. I wanted to work for all mediums, not just one TV station. Now we see video crews writing print stories and still artists shooting video.
It’s a mixed bag of limitless opportunities, and being able to tell a story across multiple mediums shakes that mixed bag out as a beautifully crafted piece you can be proud of regardless of the section it qualifies for under the rules of OWAA’s Excellence in Craft contest.

How to put video on paper

  • Video involves more elements than any other medium. All you have to do is take away the element of motion, and the print translation starts.
  • Look for medium-appropriate shots. Moving a sleeping grizzly bear out of a trap is great video. The bear sleeping in the trap is a great photo.
  • Sights and sounds translate well in video but not so well in print. Tell the readers what the rushing river sounds like. They can hear it in video, but they can’t hear it in print. Write your story well enough for readers to hear the river through your words.

The true power of putting video on paper comes from being able to cross mediums and write for the masses in multiple ways. Prettyman and I are multi-media storytellers and in today’s world that means mastering all mediums, not just guarding the one you’re good at. ♦
—Kris Millgate investigates outdoor and environmental issues for TV and web with cross publication in newspapers and magazines. She serves on OWAA’s Board of Directors and is a life member of Trout Unlimited. See her work at: www.tightlinemedia.com.

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