Product Review: Manfrotto 190XWNB Wilderness Tripod Legs

By Jonathan Lawton
Regardless your skill level or the type of photography that interests you, a sturdy tripod is an essential tool to help improve your craft. If you go into any camera shop, it is easy to become overwhelmed by how many different styles of tripods there are on the market. There are hundreds, ranging from small, inexpensive plastic models to high-end tripods made from lightweight carbon fiber. It is very important to look for one that is solidly built and has a weight capacity large enough to support your heaviest lens and camera combination.
Manfrotto is one of the most respected tripod manufacturers and their products are used by amateurs and professionals alike. Their redesigned 190XWNB Wilderness tripod is a lightweight, three-section aluminum tripod that when fully collapsed is only 20.9 inches long. Even though it is quite compact, the 190XWNB has an impressive 11-pound maximum load capacity. Its three extending legs feature quick-action locking levers that make it easy to adjust the tripod’s height. Two of the legs are wrapped in padded rubber, making it easier to handle the tripod in cold or wet weather. Another nice touch is the all-terrain rubber feet with retractable steel spikes at the base of each leg that ensure the tripod has a solid foundation. The adjustable center column can extend to give the 190XWNB a maximum height of 57 inches. Like most Manfrotto tripods, the 190XWNB can accept any tripod head with a three-eighths-inch mount, allowing you to select the tripod head that best suits your needs.
The Manfrotto 190XWNB is a great choice if you are looking for a sturdy yet lightweight tripod that is built to handle demanding conditions. ◊
Jonathan Lawton is a 2003 graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied photojournalism. He operates a photography business, specializing in wedding and portrait photography, Contact Lawton at

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