Promaster Digital HGX Filters

lens-reviewIf you own a camera that accepts interchangeable lenses, you know just how significant your investment in additional lenses can be. An easy way to protect your investment is with the use of a screw-on UV filter sized specifically for your lens. A UV filter is optically clear and will not degrade your image, but it will protect the front element of your expensive lens from dings, scratches and fingerprints.
This past month I had the opportunity to test out a new line of photography filters from Promaster. What makes these new Digital HGX filters unique is their construction: They’re made of hardened optical glass to resist scratching, etching and chipping. They are also multi-coated, which means they will significantly reduce internal reflections that can decrease image contrast.
The feature I found most impressive about HGX series is a coating Promaster calls “Repellamax.” The coating helps repel moisture, fingerprints and dust. With the HGX filter attached to my Canon 17-40mm lens, I intentionally pressed my fingerprint onto the surface to test the coating, and with just a swipe of a microfiber cloth, the fingerprint was gone. With my other filters, it normally requires a spray or two of lens cleaner to completely remove an oily fingerprint. The Repellamax coating on the HGX filters certainly make it a lot easier to keep the front element of your lens clean.
Currently, Promaster offers the Digital HGX filter in three styles: UV, Protection and Circular Polarizer. The filters are available in sizes 52mm through 82mm.
Jonathan Lawton has been a photographer for more than 10 years and operates his own photography business ( He’s also a salesman at Hunt’s Photo and Video in Melrose, Mass. If you have questions on any photo-related topics, contact him at


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