Have you ever heard of the Pope and Young Club?

By Tim Lesmeister
pope-and-youngMany of us recognize the Pope and Young Club as a record-keeping organization. Patterned after the Boone and Crocket Club, Pope and Young is where you find the bowhunting records for North American big game animals. But there is more to this group than just record keeping. Consider their mission statement: To protect the future of our bowhunting heritage and promote the conservation and welfare of habitat and wildlife.
On their Web site, they list components of the Pope and Young Club’s Conservation Program, including: wildlife research, education, pro-bowhunting activities, partnerships, wildlife conservation projects and kids programs. With the help of grants, the Pope and Young Club has given more than a half million dollars over just the last five years to conservation projects around North America.
Why am I touting this organization? Located in Chadfield, Minn., they are next door to OWAA’s 2010 conference site, Rochester, Minn. Take some time when you visit this region to check out their facility and museum. It’s only minutes away from the conference site and quite spectacular with lots of great artifacts and history regarding bowhunting.
If you ever held at full draw on an animal, wondering if it would make the record book, make it a point to visit the spot where those records are kept. Even if bowhunting isn’t your passion, you’ll discover plenty of interesting tidbits to pique your interest in the sport.
For more information check out www.pope-young.org. ◊
TimLesmeisterTim Lesmeister chairs the Local Committee for OWAA’s 2010 conference in Rochester, Minn., June 10-13, 2010. Lesmeister is a full-time freelance outdoor communicator and photographer. Contact him at tim@lesmonster.com.

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