Pollick announces retirement from The Blade

Steve Pollick has announced that will be retiring from The Blade at year’s end on Dec. 20 after 40 years “in harness.”
In a note to OWAA headquarters staff, he says, ” … It simply is ‘time’ for me. Peggy and I marked this point on our trail years ago and we have hiked there. The view is fine. Now it is [time] to slow down, relax and reflect more, and do less. I still plan to keep writing my biweekly ‘Open Season’ column in Ohio Outdoor News, and have left the door open with The Blade for occasional pieces, on my initiative only. Beyond that, time will tell. But I will not again face 190 deadlines a year, or their equivalent on the busyness quotient. Enough is enough. We have new kayaks to enjoy (recreational, touring, no white water, thank you) and plenty of places to hike and camp that have been for years on the always-wanted-to list. Then there are those deer and grouse hunts, wild turkeys, trout, steelhead, smallmouth bass — uh, I guess I will be busy after all, but it will be my kind of busy. And if I feel like staying in some remote beautiful hidey-hole a few extra days, I will. No more rushing back home because of a deadline or an office or community obligation. I have had a dream ride through the best of country; it often was physically challenging, and very demanding on the writing side. But it was an opportunity beyond price to have set foot in 35 countries and see and experience their remote places and native cultures in unique ways. Lots to reflect on just there. In any case, it is time to saddle up and fresh horse and ride into some new country. See you on the trail.”

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