October Portfolio: Jack Ballard

ballardmug“On August 1, 2009, I boarded a plane in Billings, Mont. Some 3,500 air miles and two days later I touched down at the Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. In the company of three other OWAAers — Lisa Densmore, Bill Powell and Wayne Van Zwoll — I set out from the Machame Gate on the lower flank of Mount Kilimanjaro for Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa. Though the climb represented the primary goal of trip, opportunities to photograph the flora and fauna of Kilimanjaro’s five distinct ecosystems came at nearly every bend of the trail.
After descending the mountain, Bill, Lisa and I set out to view wildlife at four of Tanzania’s National Park. Wayne had to return stateside to attend to professional responsibilities. Between the three of us, we photographed nearly 70 species of wildlife, from lumbering elephants to tiny, ferocious red ants. Despite a most unpleasant reminder of why Western visitors should take extraordinary precautions to protect their digestive tracts from African microbes, the climb and wildlife safari were truly unforgettable.”

–Jack Ballard

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