November news tips

Fishing Products & Accessories

Pure Fishing
Pure Fishing has paired up the Berkley Power Worm with their Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! Signature fishing scents to create a new series of bait suited for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The seven-inch Super Worms’ lifelike action combines with the fish-attracting scent to entice even the most stubborn fish. Super Worms are available in seven colors to match any water condition. For more information, visit
Northland Fishing Tackle
Northland Fishing Tackle has introduced two new tackle products, the Macho Minnow and the Helix Fly. The Macho Minnow jigging spoon features a jointed metal kicker tail fin and beveled edge design that imitates the erratic tumbling of wounded prey. The Helix Fly ice jig works like an antenna to receive sonar waves and bounce them back with its flat horizontally-balanced slab torso. Both are available in multiple colors and sizes. More info at
StrikeMaster has added new innovations to our Hard Water Ware.  The new parka now supports a gale force high rise collar and reflective material promotes safety. Both parka and bibs are now waterproof with sealed seams.  Contact Kristy at 763-263-8999 or visit our website at  For updates subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter, or sign up and link to our Facebook or Twitter Accounts.

Firearms & Ammunition

Dead Down Wind
Dead Down Wind, an industry leader in scent prevention, is sponsoring an archery-only bear hunt with Tom Nelson, host of “The American Archer TV Show.” The hunt will be guided by Canadian outfitter Rob Nye in the Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan area. The date, June 15-22, 2009, is non-negotiable. Visit to register.

Organizations, Foundations & Associations

Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, International Game Fish Association
International Game Fish Association is signing on with Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation in their quest to pass on the fishing tradition with Anglers Legacy, a national program that encourages outdoor enthusiasts to introduce newcomers to boating and fishing. IGFA will encourage staff, members, online visitors and its museum visitors to “Take the Pledge” to introduce at least one new person to the sport. IGFA expects to generate 20,000 pledges over the coming year. For more info,
Wyoming Fish and Game Department

Despite a Sept. 22 ruling made by U.S. District Judge Donald Malloy to reinstate the grizzly bear’s status as an endangered species, the Wyoming Fish and Game Department (WFGD) says grizzly bear populations have been robust under state management. Originally listed as an endangered species in 1975, the grizzly bear was taken off of the list and put under state jurisdiction in April of 2007. The WFGD is disappointed in Malloy’s recent ruling returning the grizzly to federal management. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team estimates that there are currently a minimum of 576 grizzly bears in the Yellowstone ecosystem and no reason to suggest that the population won’t continue to grow around 4 percent annually.

Outdoor Gear, Clothing & Products

Hunt’s Photo and Video

Discounts on new point-and-shoot cameras from Nikon and Canon are available to OWAA members only, as well as free shipping and handling for the following cameras. Camera models include:

  • S1000
  • S70
  • S640
  • S570


  • G11
  • S90
  • SD940
  • SD 980

For current prices, contact Gary Farber at (800) 924-8682, ext. 2332 or e-mail
Snosuit Winterwear
Snosuit Winterwear’s upgraded jacket and bibs feature micro fiber thermal insulation, which reflects and reuses your body’s natural heat – trapping warm air between fibers while allowing moisture to escape. The waterproof and windproof bibs feature full-length leg zippers and the much-lauded neoprene padding in the knees and seat, making it particularly well-suited for ice fishing. The jacket has a three-way hood and zippered vents for temperature adjustment. Check it out at

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