June news tips



Berkley’s PowerBait Heavy Weights were created for multiple freshwater species action. These weights — the Fat SinkWorm and the lighter SinkWorm — have the PowerBait scent and flavor built into them, creating a scent trailing leading fish right to the bait. Available in 10 colors to match any water condition, they work in both freshwater and saltwater. Visit www.berkley-fishing.com.

RIO Products International Inc.

OutBound Short fly lines — a new series of fly lines by RIO — is designed to make fast, one-shot casts for maximum distances. Casting larger flies is easier with OutBound Shorts, which are heavier than the recommended AFTMA standard and also have an aggressive front taper. There are two formats available. The first, the standard OutBound Short,  is built with a coldwater coating and manufactured in sizes WF5 to WF10. The short head of the lighter sizes is good for fishing out of a drift boat, while the heavier sizes are good for deep wading, big surf or throwing large flies.  The second is the Tropical OutBound Short, which has a saltwater coating over a medium stiff core. Available in sizes WF8 to WF12, these lines are good for wading surf anglers. The MSRP is $74.95. Visit www.rioproducts.com.

Mann’s Bait Co.

The newest addition to Mann’s Textured Stretch Series is the Stretch Alive. It has a four-piece, segmented body that undulates and wiggles while diving and maintaining its stated depth. It features a patented lip design, textured pattern, realistic finishes and rugged hardware. The 9-inch long, 3-ounce lure comes in 10 colors. The tough polycarbonate lure will be available mid-2009. Visit www.mannsbait.com.

Northland Fishing Tackle

The Lip-Stick Swimbait Hook from Northland Fishing Tackle ensures that soft plastic swimbaits track true. The hook works with all 4-, 5-, 6, and 7-inch soft plastic swimbaits. It has a 45-degree wide-gap #6/0 worm hook that is available with two different keel-weight sizes. This hook also features a self-centering corkscrew fastener for easy rigging and to securely hold the bait while casting. Available in two sizes: 1/8-ounce and 3/16-ounce. For more information and a 2009 catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle at 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Call 218-751-6723 or e-mail norfish@northlandtackle.com. Visit www.northlandtackle.com.



The new Crosman Nitro Piston technogolgy promises break barrel users greater accuracy due to quicker lock time, greater vibration dampening, a lower decibel report and significantly less recoil. The new technology will be incorporated in a new Crosman break barrel, the Nitro Piston Short Stroke (NPSS) and will be available at retail this June. It’s power comes from nitrogen, instead of a steel spring. Unlike steel and carbon dioxide, nitrogen isn’t adversely affected by temperature. For more information, check out www.crosman.com.


Minox Sport Optics

New Snow Hunter BV binoculars are designed with special lubricants to perform reliably in temperature ranging from -22°F to 140ºF. The hard aluminum body i sshockproof and can withstand severe weather conditions. The winterized binoculars is covered in the Realtree Hardwoods Snow camoflage design. Sealed on the inside, they are protected from dust and waterproof to a depth of 9 feet, 10 inches. Nitrogen gas filling protects against corrosion and prevents fogging. The Minox BV Snow Hunters are priced at $319 for the 8×42 and $329 for the 10×42. For more information, visit www.minox.com.

Hunt’s Photo, Video and Digital

A message from Gary Farber: “I look forward to seeing everybody at the OWAA conference in Grand Rapids in June. If members have any special requests for items they’d like me to bring they can e-mail me at digitalguygary@wbhunt.com or call me at 1-800-924-8682, ext. 2332. I appreciate all the support and business the OWAA members have given me. See you all there.”


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